Friday, December 30, 2011

An already stylin' New Year

This has been such a wonderful holiday season. Full of family, fun and cookies galore thanks to my G.G. Now we are getting amped for the new year. One of my favorite parts of new year is getting together with my lady friends for what we call The New Year's Summit. We have been doing this since 2007! We meet for brunch usually and chat it up all as a lead in to business. We each go over the list me made the year before. We celebrate the accomplishments and decide if we want to carry any unmet goals over to the next year. Then we get really focused with pen to paper for 5 min. We list anything and everything that comes to mind that we would like to do, see or be in the new year. Then we share that list and get all excited. It has been really helpful and fun and this year I would like to take it one step further by printing my list and posting it on my wall at least if not here on Boots. I am a capricorn which means I like lists and I like checking lists off. This could be a good move. And a good reminder of all the things i want to do in my life. I already know so much of my list will have to do with my soon to be here baby. Luckily, thanks to my mom and Sam for finding it, I will be able to start my mommy career in total style.
Do you have any new year's traditions that set you up success? I'd love to hear about them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

In the box - the post box that is

I discovered Minted thanks to one of my favorite mommy blogs, Dear Baby Blog. Thank god! Potsch and I wanted to make holiday cards as we felt that is something you do when you are married but with everything else going on we just have not had the time to even think about it. Minted made it all soooooo easy and pretty. They have tons of designs that are fun and current. And they don't just do Cards but journals and address labels and envelopes and more. I can not wait to design our birth announcements here next year. Only a couple months to go. oh Boy!
So if you are like me and Melissa at Dear Baby Blog you still have a gorgeous chance to get your greeting out!!! Go to Minted!!!! The other cool thing about Minted is you can have pretty colors and patterns on the back of your flat cards. Just a nice extra!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A new Discovery

Discovered Wordboner tonight and had many a good laugh and introspective moments.
I thought this print was great and would make a great looking tattoo

and then.....there is was. Very cool.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Story

This video is so precious and well done. I am not terribly religious but this is just sweet and I appreciate what others believe in.
Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All about Pretend Kids

All about Eve is quite the little fashionista. I may be borrowing a few of her outfits to make for myself. I mean, she wears boots with the perfect balance of attitude and sassy.

Gift Guide #6 Lars built

I came looking for a calendar and fell in love with so much more. What a gorgeous gift to open. Seeing any thing from this store in your house would have to bring a smile to your face everyday. Stunning work at The House That Lars Built.Brilliant Large Paper Flowers

These make me want to cook more

And I can't lie. I want this for the baby's room bad. And yes, my every thought is about her.

A new coat

Of paint.
Things have been busy in the Boyd House. The main nursery furniture is in - including the mid-century club chair turned rocker by Potsch and the yucky tobacco colored credenza all sanded and poly'd with gorgeous anthropology knobs (on sale!!!) also done by Potsch and our solid wood craiglist find crib. But before we go any further it's time to slap a new coat of paint on this room. We chose grape créme by Behr which is really more of a light grey with a slight violet hue. I find the name "grape créme" to be a bit misleading.
This is a weird time in pregnancy when I have lots of ideas and projects and so many I can't or am not allowed to do myself. Lucky for me I have a super talented and loving husband who is patient and calm and happy to make all my dreams and ideas come to life. I am able to post this now cause he is the only one in that nursery painting. I feel a bit guilty about that but he seems just happy.
So I shall continue prepping what I can and trying not to come up with too many other ideas.


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