Sunday, August 30, 2009

Parker & Otis

In north Carolina till Tuesday. Went to church today where the sermon
was all about the four principals for getting married to someone. 1.
Magic factor - basically you must be physically and mentally attracted
to the person- check. 2.character- don't have any addictions or you
are worthless-check 3. Emotional stability - um...almost a check? 4.
same belief in god / spirituality- check. Three out of four ain't too
bad. Right?
Anyway after we went for brunch at Parker & Otis in Durham. P&O is a
great shop full of cool recipe books and food products and old time
candy. Also has an amazing selection of wine and some beer. We ordered
at the counter and took a seat and pretty quickly they came out
calling us by name with food. P&O uses local as much as they can. Eggs
and dairy are all from near by farms and taste great.
Next time your in Durham NC definitely stop here. 112 Duke Street.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I hope this post comes through. It's a recipe for a rosé slushy. Sounds delicious and easy. I just started following silver lake wine on Twitter and already I have learned so much. Their blog looks great too. Tips and tricks and recipies. All handy stuff. 

Leave me a comment so I know if it did or didn't work.




Hot summer nights call for drastic action. Here's a fun way to stay cool. Put your bottle of rose in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours. Check on it from time to time as freezers vary in temperature. When the wine has become semi-solid (you can see some ice and some liquid inside) take it out and open it up. You may need to put a chopstick or spoon handle in the bottle so you can pour. That's it! Be careful, this goes down easy.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Jessica Dalva maybe the top

Jessica Dalva has a great showing of work at Soap Plant in Hollywood.
I wish I had grabbed more photos at the time. I may go back just for
that. Anyway, i did get this dome piece. It made me laugh and I am
thinking it would make an awesome cake topper. Maybe a little less
creepy for a wedding? Maybe not. Haha. But I think it would be really
cool on our cake and then as a little art piece memory on the shelf. I
can't wait to start playing around with this idea.
I gave Potsch for our first Christmas this spice bottle filled with
two small photos of us and then a small piece of things we had done or
places we'd gone. We had just started dating so it was small.
This cake topper could have the same kinda feeling.
What kind of cake topper would have? Traditional or hand made or
funny? Tell me!

Exciting Espresso

Potsch and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Nickle Diner in Downtown LA
not long ago. I was in the need of a pick me up and a hot cup of
coffee in this crazy hot streak was not in the cards. And then I found
this -Manhattan Special Espresso coffee Soda. Amazing. I loved the
bubbly. It takes a minute to get aquainted but once your in you're
hooked. I thought it was a bit like a chocolate coke but with a sneaky
The nickle diner is the only place I have seen this. Please let me
know you can find it anywhere else. And let me know what you think.
Bet it could make a great cocktail mixer too. Mmmmm

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pretend Kids!!!! and play clothes

Wovenplay has an amazing collection of kid clothes that blur the line between normal clothes and play/costume clothes. They are totally my kind of clothes. hand made, organic and full of fun textures not to mention their adorable models.
These will be my kids for sure!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marc Madness

Oooooo so lovely and cheap. What a great bridesmaids gift right?! Only $7 and they are by Marc Jacobs!!! I die. (I have to say that now that Rachel Zoe is back on)
I was going to leave it at that but then I found this tote and though I am a more in love with the Honey B Market Tote if i needed a small designer tote this one is pretty amazing and at $18 what the heck? Why don't I have it now on my arm?

Magic Rugs

Holy crap! These rugs are hand made!!! The designs are cut out with special scissors. I had no idea that is how rugs are made. New thing of the day for me! haha.
I want these rugs in every room of my gorgeous well lit compound home. I also want the furniture in the photos. The one thing I am confused by is how those lovely cats are not scratching the crap out of the magic rugs? That is the only (wink) reason I do not own the rugs already.

Nature Planter

"Nature is a modern ceramic planter intended for growing a variety of herbs and flowers. The form takes inspiration from patterns and shapes found in nature, hence the name. The largest opening at the top can hold plants that need to root deeper. Opening like a blossom, the form allows each pocket to collect water.

The planter is made using a complex six-part mold (compared to the typical two to four part mold) with seventeen post-molding cuts. Each piece is carefully cast, hand-finished and glazed in Portland, Oregon. Three holes on the bottom allow for drainage. The planter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use."

I am racing out the door but I ad to post this. I love this design and concept. I actually think I could garden with something this pretty. I know a few people who are going to go bonkers for this design.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Dinners- a weekly Thanksgiving

I heard Jim Haynes on NPR earlier this year. Ever since then I have dreamed of attending one of his Sunday Salons. I can be quiet shy in large groups but there is something so positive and thrilling about having dinner with people from all over the world from many different class levels and experiences. Potsch is amazing in a crowd. He is a great talker and a great listener. When ever we go to a social gathering full of people we don't know by the end some how Potsch has made them all his friends. He not fake in anyway either. He has this amazing ability to build a completely genuine relationship with you. He really makes the other person feel special. I on the other hand just wait in the corner wishing I was still a smoker until I know everyone loves Potsch and then Viola! They love me by default. But lately I have started observing him more and trying to do like he do. It can be work but it works. All you have to do is listen and actually care. Potsch has been quite impress with my "new" ways. So have I.
Anyway the point of this post is that Jim Haynes "wishes he could introduce everyone in the world." He loves people and their stories so much so that he has been hosting his Sunday Salons for the past 30 years in Paris in his own home. All you have to do is call him up or shoot him an email saying you would like to come to dinner and you are in. There is usually around 50- 60 people and sometimes double when the weather is good and he can open the doors to his garden. He prides himself on knowing everyones name and occupation so he can personally introduce you to everyone else.

I actually stumbled upon his site tonight while looking up images and thoughts about Sunday Dinners. Potsch and I getting married on a Sunday. We are thinking a lot of aspects will be family and diy. i started thinking about Sunday Dinners. They seem such a special time with family and friends. Almost like a weekly thanksgiving. What a wonderful feeling for a wedding. It's not just about us coming together but our family and friends as well.
This is my most concrete thought about our wedding so far. And it is the most important.

Listen to Jim Haynes "This I believe" here:

And maybe I will see you in Paris on a Sunday night at Jim's.

Funny and quick - watch it!

Billtornade knows how to make a man look good

BILLTORNADE - "At the ripe age of twenty, brothers Francis and José Ronez created a brand referenced from the name of a 1950's celebrity cowboy, and the label BILLTORNADE was born. A name that evoked «remembrances of childhood and a token of heedlessness» to its creators."

This weekend Potsch and i happened upon some lovely jackets by Billtornade. Neither of us had heard of the line before but that doesn't mean much. ha. We were very excited to find Billtornade because it seems to be the perfect fit for Potsch. Width and length were just lovely. The styles were classy and classic but had some really fun modern details. Whether it was the stitching or the fabric it self Potsch seemed to feel like the 30 year old successful artists that he is.

We will definitely be keeping our eye out for this cowboy come weddin' season.

Motivation Monday!

I have been have a rough few days. Been down in the dumps and everything just feeling like a struggle. A lot of that had to do with my lady time fast approaching but boy can those symptoms really get cha. Then I remembered a very helpful "friend" and definitely one I needed to call upon. "The Secret". I haven't seen it for so long. The first time I saw it it made such an impact on my life. I was so in control and happy and focused. I had just been through a big break up and was feeling so lost and unsure. Seeing and learning all about "The Secret" gave me so much power to get my shit together and go after what really made me happy - what I really wanted.
I feel like I am in that spot again. My relationship is wonderful. I honestly don't think I could ask for a more perfect mate for myself. But I am going through a lot of changes and trying to take some large leaps in my life. These leaps can really bring up some dust and dirt that just wont settle until you clean up.
So, I went on youtube and got my much needed boost. And I got to say it made me breathe easier. It can be a bit scary knowing that you have the power and responsibility of your life but if you can get past that the feeling becomes pure exhilaration and ecstasy.

Here is your boost if you are up for it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Things of Interest in Portland - Crown & Crumpet

Crown & Crumpet is actually on the way to Portland (just in San Fransisco) and you bet your bottom dollar that I am going to stop by for a spot of tea and biscuits.
Could you image anything more heavenly? It will be like Alison in Wonderland enjoying a sip inside a cake. I could only be happier if there were no gravity in the place.

Here is what C&C say, "Built on the love and consumption of many cups of tea the world over, owners Amy and Christopher Dean invite you to slow down and enjoy the tea experience with friends, family or on your own. Forget about that cup of coffee and step inside the world of Crown & Crumpet, a spirited, delicious, and sometimes cheeky, room with a view, serving the world’s most popular drink — second only to water."

Oh Boy!!! I love tea! One of my best childhood birthday parties was a very lady like - with lace gloves and floral dresses - Tea Party. My mom has always thrown the best parties hands down.

Old Age look real good

More Vintage magic for you!!!! Old Age isn't so scary this way. I would wear all of these and would maybe even put a few bridesmaids in some too.


Kid Adult Tea Party. These beautiful hand painted water color feeling pieces are all done by Louche Lab and are completely affordable. I am definitely keeping this on my list of gifts to give.

I like this scale

I would get on this scale everyday!


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