Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stunning Punk Princess

I found this wedding on Rock'n'Roll Bride and i was in love. How stunning does this couple look? I love that they obviously do things in life the not-so-traditional way and when it comes to their big day they not only honor their everyday style but they do it with total class and taste. I wish I knew the couple so I could hug them and beg them for help with my wedding. I only hope me and P can pull off something so clean and colorful and totally dashing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad relationship

Dear Entertainment Industry,
Why do you tease me and string me along so? I fall for it every time. You build me up and then leave me there. You seem to find so much joy watching me invest and dream and hope with everything I have just to say you didn't like me enough. Sometimes you say it's my hair color. As if I could not and would not change that in a second. Sometimes you say I am too pretty. Sometimes too small. Sometimes too big. Sometimes one of you loves me and the other likes me and that is too confusing for you so you drop me. This relationship is getting too hard. I have tried to leave so many times but you are just to attractive and unfortunately I think you are in my bones. Every time I hide -you find me. Every time I run -it is just back into your arms. Why can't you either let me go or fully embrace me? I understand. I know I am not the only one you are doing this to. It's just...it feels so real and so good when it is good. I wish I knew how to quit you. You are the only thing I do well. You make me feel alive. But you really know how to make it hurt so much.

I dedicate this song to all the Producers an Executives who hold my strings.

I was up for the lead in a pilot for CBS. I did great. Everyone liked me a lot. Today I found out not enough. time to move on.

the right idea

Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with."
Juno from Ordinary Things

Rewind and Re-Mix

Thanks to a head up from Diary of a Vintage Girl in the UK I found out about this amazing sale on vintage style 1940's Re-Mix shoes on Amazon. The sale is great and the shoes are brilliant.
So many awesome styles with big mark downs. The size selection is a bit slim at this point but definitely worth the look if you heart the 1940's. My fav's only have a 10 left and since they are peep toe that might look a bit lame. I think I like these shoes cause they speak to my inner granny chic style.

There is something i love about these crazy granny moon shoes. I would love to see some one rock those. I bet they are crazy comfortable. PS - they also come in a golden bronze. selling point for sure.

These are my fav's. I love the detail with the contrast.

UPDATE: Thanks Hannah for the link to the Re-Mix actual site. For those living in Los Angeles, we are the lucky ones who can actually visit the store in person! I can't wait to try on every style.

I bet they have it

I am pretty sure that anything you could ever need you would find at the Spoon Sisters. They have every gadget from funny to actually useful for babies to old folks. Perfect place to find that bday gift or hostess gift or just something for yourself.

I am really into tea these days. Trying to cut back on my coffee cause I noticed it was really drying out my skin. Anyway, I love when my tea bag tag has a little saying on it. Good Earth Original tea - so yum - has a saying. It just makes me smile. I also LOVE fortune cookies and save all my fortunes in an old tin box. really.

Of course I would love this. It is on a baby. And it's a Honey B.

I have seen so many mustaches taking over the world but I have never seen this stache for a dog. Made me laugh and then I imagined it on every dog I know.
Hahaha look at that guy. HA!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wives and Lovers

I was listening to my Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station while I worked and I was suddenly struck with the most offensive and yet insightful song I have ever heard. Definitely from the time of MadMen but still true today. If you have a moment this is definitely worth the listen if not for the lesson then for the giggles. Now I better run before Potsch comes home. I still need to put my face on.

Rescue Me with Pretty!!

I was recently turned onto these stunning polishes by my friend Angel (more about her later). Rescue Beauty Lounge has some of the loveliest colors for your finger tips I ever did see. Yes, they are not cheap. At $18 each they will definitely make you stop and ask yourself "Do I really need this?" and "Do I deserve this?" The answer to both is YES a big fat and sexy YES!!! In this time of counting our pennies it is the little indulges that can keep us happy and sane and off the ledge. For the price of one manicure you could be doin' it yourself from fingers to toes whenever you want. Sound like a sound investment to me. Why not invite your lady friends over and have a nail painting slumber party while watching The Bachelor or Tough Love (a personal fav)? Everyone loves someone who takes care of themselves. So, start at the tips with Rescue Beauty Lounge polish.
ps- I made that for you in photoshop. Those are my favorites in the collection. I have a big heart on for grey polish!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Protect yourself

This past Sunday night Potsch was attacked by a stranger with a gun. He was just getting off work in Hollywood after building a set for a friends play from 6am to 2am. He and two other guys locked up the theatre and walked together to their cars. Friend #1 said his good byes and went to his car a bit further down the road and Friend #2 got into the drives seat as Potsch was getting into the passenger side. Just as Potsch is closing the door a man, who had passed them a bit earlier now headed straight to Potsch's door grabbing the handle and pulling out a gun. Potsch pulled the door shut and yelled at Friend #2 to "Drive!". Outside of the car the Stranger Pointed his gun at Potsch. Potsch suddenly kicked the door open at the guy and jumped out. The Stranger was not read for a fight. Potsch hit and kicked and faught hard. And so did the Stranger. Potsch finally kicked the guy in balls and the guy pistol whipped Potsch right on the top of the forehead. Blood started flowing fast and a lot. The guy started to run away after yelling a lame made up excuse "Sorry, I thought you were someone else!"
Friend #2 rushed Potsch to the Emergency Room where he got 7 stitches and a cat scan. I rushed to his side and we stayed at the ER till about 5am.
He is doing great now. And has gotten so much support and love from family and friends. The stitched will be out early next week. You can always talk and guess how you would be in a moment like that but you never really know until it happens. Potsch is very proud to know he is fighter.

Here is a message to all of you. I have gotten those emails about how to walk to your car or get gas or what clothes to wear so you don't get raped. I usually delete them with out reading. I also don't watch the news because it seems so picked over and untrue that I just can't trust it. I like to think if I keep the negative away then it just won't exist. Obviously Life is going to happen. That does not mean you need to victimize yourself or dwell in the "bad" stuff. What it means is you need to be prepared and awake. Don't take anything for granted. I talked to my brother, The Fireman, and he told me that there is far more crazy stuff happening everyday everywhere than you have any idea of. You must prepare yourself. If someone asks for your wallet - hand it over. If someone tells you to come with them or tries to put you in a car or tries to take you somewhere - YOU FIGHT!!! You fight even if you are going to die doing it. Cause if they take you away you will die there too but after they do whatever else they want to do. It is just not worth it. Scream. Yell. Fight.

My last thing is trust your instincts and feelings. They are right. Don't second guess yourself.

My own 365

I started my own Flickr page this past week. I was intrigued by these 365 projects but once I looked into them I started to feel a bit confused and occasionally overwhelmed. So, I decided to start my own. I am new to flickr and any help or heads up you have to pass on would be greatly appreciated. I am adding a photo a day for the next year. I am very interested to see how this will turn out. The idea of choosing one photo sometimes stresses me out but then again the idea of HAVING one photo everyday will be a challenge. I am hoping to add some nice work and not just throw some thing up though I am sure that will happen sometimes too.
Take a look and tell me your thoughts. And please please if you can impart some Flickr wisdom I will be grateful. Also, if you want to join in or you already have your own project going let me know!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aught v.1

It's Here! It's Here!... well almost. I know it is finally on it's way. My first ever published artwork. I got two pieces into the brand new and oh so gorgeous zine Aught v.1 published and spearheaded by the always brilliant Kelty of Steep Street. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this. I haven't gotten to hold it in my own hands yet but I know that the mail men around the states are taking great care as they make their way to me with my copy of Aught v.1. The best news of all is that you can get one too! Just click here and if you want to see more click here. Supporting local work is super easy when it looks super good and you feel super cool with it on your coffee table.

Pretend Kids or Brilliant Photography

I don't know what I love more. The Kids in these images are absolutely gorgeous and I am definitely pretending they are mine cause if they were I definitely being taking photos of them all the time like this. But the Photos are so incredibly stunning that I get lost in the world they capture. So I guess I love The brilliant Photographer/Mother f these beautiful kids, Lauren Elycerose.

Ooo pretty bridesmaids

I am pretty sure I know what I am going to do for my bridesmaids outfits and I am pretty excited about it too but it certainly does not stop me from wandering the internet dreaming of other ideas like this Sateen Maxine Dress from FredFlare for $72.
That color! That cut! I think any body shape could rock this. Definitely wearable after the even. Match that with some bright tights and color popping pumps and you can be my lady in waiting any day.

Oh boy how about this Over The Rainbow Strapless Dress $50. I have a big heart for all these colors. Definitely more playful than the traditional bridesmaid puff. I image this for a out door casual summer wedding. Where the girls, not just the boys, get to wear converse and a straw fidora. Very Jack Johnson. (Is that a really old reference at this point. Did I just date myself?...note to self catch up on new music)

I think I picked the Madchen dress $68 because the name is a mixture of "MadMen" and the German word Maidchen (which I probably did not spell right). And since those are two things I can not live with out (Potsch is German) then it only makes sense.

More Sex and more City

I am super excited and I don't care who knows it!!! I can't wait for Sex and The City 2!!!! Even if all those ladies were married and happy with families and there was absolutely no drama left I would still be thrilled. There is almost nothing I love more than hanging out with my ladies and shooting the shit. So what more could i ask for than a ladies only date to go and see Sex and The City 2. Who's in?!

I'm about to capture your beauty!

This Xmas I was given so many amazing and wonderful gifts, far more than I deserve, I am sure.
One of those great gifts was a new portrait lens from my parents. I am obsessed and excited and overwhelmed by this gorgeous machinery.
The Canon 85mm with f/1.8. Oh she is a beaut.
So far my subjects have mainly been my cats. At this point they are just annoyed at having a lens in their face every time they do anything.

Sir Rhoda Penmark (yes he is a he)

I want to print these and frame them in the most exquisite royal frames.

Yoko aka Yoki Dokos
Just image what people could look like through such a pretty lens.
I did get to do my first "other people's pets" photo shoot with Rufus. My friend Margaret and I have been talking about this photo shoot for the past year. As soon as i got my lens I knew it was on! So much fun. Rufus was so great to shoot. Of course I guess anyone would be if they were getting treats for an hour straight. ha!

How gorgeous is his shiny coat and those amber eyes. Now if only I could get my kitzies to pose for treats.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Noon Years! (update)

Quick catch up - On New Year's Eve I decided to volunteer at the Kidspace Childrens Museaum in Pasadena. I decided this to not only help with kids but also in hope of slowing down my baby crazy family building obsession.

Cut to: Early morning New Year's Eve. I am a late sleeper but not today. I was up bright and early. Showered and dressed with my face on by 8:30. I did not have to be to Kidspace until 9:15 and it is only about 5 min away. So I take my time kissng Potsch bye and making my way to the car. I plug the address into my iphone and start following the directions...What the?!
The Kidspace Childrens Museum is located basically in the Rose Bowl. It is New Years Eve!!!!
This was a whole new world for me. I never even thought this was a possiblity. Every inch of road, sidewalk and even grass was covered in crazy huge family campers that were decked out in GO TEAM!! THE DUCKS RULE!!! I thought the Ducks were a hockey team? These families, and I mean the whole family tree, seemed to have moved their whole life to camp out at a football stadium. Sadly, I don't know if I love anything that much.

As confusing as the whole camp out for sports thing is to me, I have to say, it did look like tons of fun.
I got to the parking lot by 9am and after driving around and being rerouted and waiting for gawking football fans to cross in front of my moving car I was 15min late to work. Lame volunteer worker. Luckily there were no kids to disappoint as the museum was not open yet.
Being the oldest volunteer by maybe 15 years I was of course given the job of Snow Island Guard. At first I thought this was going to be the lamest job of all. I signed up to play with glue and sparkles not to be in charge of snow that is more like a huge block of ice ready to slice up and destroy the adolesence of any kid who slips just slightly face first. But turns out I rocked that Snow Island and all its inhabitants. From 9:30 to 2pm I stood in the sun in my sweet thousand pocket voluteer vest and gave those kids the time of thier life playing with ice. I refused to be the kind of Guard who just yells NO!! Don't do THAT!!! I decided I would provide safety by giving fun altenatives and comments of aknowledgement. Granted I only had one rule which was "no throwing snow (ice) at people". But still I had kids from 2 to 12 and I never had a single problem. The kids loved me. They listened to me. Their parents not so much.

(Yeah sweet pocket vest)

(This is Snow Island and it is about 1.5 feet off the ground )

Sometimes I had one kid on the ice and sometimes there was about 30. And they were all great. I was amazed. My smile got bigger and bigger. When they slipped I grabbed 'em and we had a laugh. No tears. I definitely have to give credit to my excellent mother for how she raised me and I also have to give credit to a book that helped her and now me - "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. Amazing book in general not just for parents and kids.

Around 11:40am I got to leave Snow Island to pour and pass sparkling apple cider to the kids and their parents. In the outdoor ampitheatre a fun hipster kids band played and got everyone dancing and signing and practicing the count down. In the lamest way possible I am tearing up right now writing this. I was so happy there. New Years is such a great time anyway. Everyone is so full hope and excited about new beginings and new chances. In some ways it is the only time people really embrace the unknown and the idea of chance. I loved being around all those kids and their parents, and all the colors and sounds of giggles.
At noon The band played the New Years Songs and balloons rained down. Hand-made noise makers were getting shaken so hard their barely dry glue had to hang on with all it could as colorful streamers were waved creating momentary rainbow halos about little kids heads.
Back to Snow Island. I was super happy to go back. The sun had melted a good bunch of the island and the kids were taking advantage of it's weak sides. Kicking them and stomping on them till they were just a puddle.
2pm came. Time to turn in my vest'o'pockets, which I surprising quite liked.
My jet cooling plan had turned on me. Instead of me getting ovewhelmed by all the rowdy screeming munchkins and thanking God that I don't have to deal with this everyday, I began to rise with pride and a brilliant smile of confidence and excitement planted itself hard on my face. THIS is what I am camping out for. Team Family! Go TEAM!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes! Yes! Yes!..whywhywhy?

We are now in 2010! Yeah! This is going to be a big year for so many of us. For me it is the year of my wedding! Potsch and I will be saying our "I do's" October 10th. That is in TEN MONTHS!!!! For anything else in life ten months can seem like forever but in wedding planning time that is basically a week. Now, granted, I love stress so I am definitely amping it up a bit. But you will see, if you haven't already - This is GO time!

Tonight I stumbled upon Elizabeth Avey. I fell in love. I love love love her vintage dresses. They are exactly what I am looking and hoping for. And then I noticed she is in London. Damn it. How come every time I fall in love with a dress it is in London? Guess that settles it - I am moving to the UK. ha I wish. But a visit would be wonderful, especially if it happened in the next couple of weeks and I could bring some lady friends with me. (clear my throat sound) Universe?
Anyway, look at these dresses. Do you know where I can find one in the States? and also in a size 16 ? Or do you know anyone who can make me a dress?

Made for walking and definitely for dancing

I don't even have my wedding dress yet and have not even been to one bridal salon but I am already thinking about my shoes. I am not a big shoe gal. I pretty much wear cowboy boots everyday (or my band new replacement chucks from Potsch for xmas). Though I love the look and surprise of having cowboy boots on under a wedding dress i think Potsch would love something a bit more special. Also, I think my dress will be on the shorter side and thus a perfect showcase for some kick ass pumps.

Ooooooo so pretttyyyyy!!!! I told Potsch that they only cost $745 and he said "Oh that's it! Get two pair." Ha! he is so funny. Maybe i will and then remind him that he said I could. The amazing Christian Louboutin. I have noticed that sparkly glittery heels are all the rage in the wedding world. I can see why. Totally fairey princess.
Style and Saving! I think these KensieGirl polkadot pumps are perfectly rad. $50 You get to look adorable, still have money to burn and can dance the night away. I don't I would be able to save these until the big day. p.s. they come in leopard too!I love these turquoise suede stilettos by Joan & David. $220. Something so little girl fantasy about turquoise shoes. I don't think I would last long in these though. I have some friends who were wearing heels in High School and they could definitely rock these all night long.
How kick ass would these be hiding under a stunning gown with a pair of magenta tights. Totally haute!!! Thank you Christian Louboutin for these sunshine shoes. $529.99

Kate Spade made these. There is definitely sex appeal here. $325
There is something that I just love about these Bettey Muller heels. They are a bit crazy and certainly not for the traditional bride. I think they could look super awesome with a short vintage 50's -60's dress and blusher. On the right girl these are perfect. Definitely for the punk bride in me. $189.99 yeah sweet sale!

Is it crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on your wedding shoes? Part of me feels like "it's a special day and I totally deserve to splurge on something I can totally wear again and again." But then another part feels like "they are shoes. Most people will never notice." But then that other part jumps in "Are you crazy?! What about the people who do? Don't you want them to feel as much joy as you do wearing them?" Hahhaa I am thinking the best idea is to figure out what my outfit budget is and then divide accordingly.


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