Monday, April 27, 2009

Donna Wilson looks soft

Look at these fun and colorful home furnishings. The pillows, the blankets, the Animals - It is all the brilliant work of Donna Wilson. Bummed that she is across the pond but check it out.

Gettin' back

I am trying to get myself back into action today and I am hoping to
catch up on some waaaay over due blogging. You may have to give me a
day or two for that though. But I am making my list and exciting to
check things off.

Ps- twilight the movie was a huge dissapointment! Poor Potsch was
certain not able to determine his own opinion with me moaning in
dispare next to him the whole time. I was so sad it had such
potential. I wish they would let some one remake it right away. That
said I still can't wait for the next one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twilight twight now!!!

I finished the book yesterday and immidiately started on the second -
New Moon. And tonight I am making Potsch watch the movie. Next I will
hang a huge poster in our bedroom. Hehehe

Spring surprise!!!

Potsch and I got in from Arkansas last night and there was a big box
shipped to me waiting for me!!! I opened it to find the best welcome
home spring surprise ever!! My mom sent me the shoes I was covetting
as some "Spring love". I have the best mommy ever!! Also it is just
more proof that if you put it out there you will get what you want!!
Thanks mom!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can be wary of tourist attractions but Graceland is a must!!! Style
alone it is brilliant. I don't know anyone who can make shag carpet
work but he does it to a T. Once I get back home I will load up some
more inspiring stylish photos.
I love elvis!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Late night run

Late night waffle house run that is. I have seen the waffle house in
every southern town I have been in and I have never been there until
tonight. I have to say it was perfect. 3 people and the total was less
than $20. And it was good too. The perfect late drunken night appetite
please. Too bad Jonesboro AR. is a dry county. Guess that is why there
is only 2 waffle houses.

Tough times

Evidence that times are tough- Tom Cruz and Nicole Kidman got together
again to pose for this tempary tattoo campaign. Hahahaha. I love cheap
illegal Photoshop.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Only with Germans

Only with Germans do you go to fancy hotels and drink white Russians
at 11am. Brilliance!

Peabody ducks

Potsch and I are hanging out in Memphis today and made it just in time
to see the ducks come down the elevator to walk down the red carpet
and take their daily bath that they have been taking since the 1930's.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vegan on the fly

I am thrilled to see yummy yummy vegan bumble bars sold at the Arizona
airport. I believe the world is moving in a positive direction. Nicely
done folks!

Super excited to dork out

I barrowed this a few days ago and have not even flipped through it
yet. I vowed to save it for the plane. I am very excite. Tempted to
start the Twilight adventure now as I wait to board but I dare not. I
think that is more about the dork factor though. But you better belive
once I fasten my seat belt securely and tray table is up- that book
and I will be ready for our teenage angst ridden take off.

Arkanasas Here I Come!!!

I am heading out to meet up with Potsch and his Arkansas family today for the next week. I am super excited and nervous to meet everyone and all their babies (yay babies!)
I will definitely try and get a few posts in while away but it may be slow so I wanted to give you all a heads up first. When i get back I am planning on spending days just posting and posting to make up for lost time.
Let us both enjoy this break cause afterward it's gonna be on!

need these!

I am thinking about hosting a fund raising event to help me collect the finances to afford these amazing boots that cost $1164.00. They are just amazing and go with pretty much everything in the word. If you would like to donate let me know. hehe
if you want a pair just to rub it in or want to surprise me with a gift o to La Garconne.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Miss Lauren Moffat

More Pretty Dresses! and stunning colors to boot. Thank you Lauren Moffat for make things pretty.

Yeah Pretend Kids!!!

More of my fake babies!

You can't have too much pretty

Here is another pretty designer with pretty dresses and pretty colors. Elizabeth Dye even does custom wedding dresses. So much pretty!

Vintage Fashion Expo next weekend!

Yesterday I got a super sweet email from Potsch informing and inviting me to the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica next weekend. We will be in Arkansas till Saturday and i just love that he wants to go as soon as we go back. he said "I just thought it might be good to look at wedding dresses or at least get some inspiration." God he is amazing!
Hope to see you there!

Why have I not been here?

Carsen, a lovely coworker of mine, informed me of a paradise that I was unaware of; Shareen's Vintage in Los Angeles. Appearently this is a female only store because it is like a huge mom/grandma closet where you get to dress up all over the place! Ofcourse you don't want boys around! I am going to have this sweet adventure as soon as I get back from Arkansas. Who is in?
let me know if you are up for a field trip. We also still have The Annenberg space for Photography to go to. Who's in? Who's in?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heidi Merrick makes me wanna put on love

Heidi Merrick makes some seriously pretty clothes. I of course wish she had some in the plus sizes but I would be happy if the rest of the word would dress up in her love and just surround me.
These dresses would be amazing as wedding dresses, bridesmaids and just about any day of the week.

I can't stop thinking about you

Dear Diamond Backpack
We met yesterday at Ross in Pasadena and I fell in love with you. You
are beautiful and and only $16. You are a perfect size and I
fantasized about us on a big plane to Arkansas this Saturday. But alas
I chose two dresses and a purse rathen than you and I find my heart is
aching still. Please forgive me. It's just... I don't need a backpack
right now. I have other bags I can travel with. But know this, none
are or will ever be as cool and heart stopping as you.
Love always

Kittens inspired by Kittens

This has been around for a bit but I just love it like crazy. make yourself happy and watch!

Johnny Adler is my boy!

In my early twenties I would walk up and down Melrose (i lived near by) on nightly strolls pondering my life and dreaming about being able to pay my bills while gazing in to the store windows of Miu Miu (not there anymore) and Agent Provatuer but I would spend the most time in front of the Jonathan Adler window. There was something about him and that store that became a symbol of my future success. I could not wait to get to a point in life that I could own my own Jonathan Adler. At 28 I reached that point. I had shot my first pilot and I went and bought my self the sweetest Utopia bud vase. It was momentous. And it was actually eye opening cause though there are expensive items there are also some very affordable items too. A couple months later one of my best friends, Margaret, gave me an amazing Jonathan Adler giraffe. LOVE IT! Now, I am feeing it's that time again. And there are so many options -I kinda want to get the kitzie shakers and use them as wedding cake toppers. I have not posed this idea to Potsch yet. But we do love kitzies. I think it only makes sense.

These it items are all on sale on the website. super good prices too. now if I could only make up my mind.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yehaw Kilakitu!

Kilakitu is a swahili saying meaning "everything"

"We mine the depths of Nairobi's sprawling secondhand clothing markets to unearth the finest and most inspiring preloved fabrics from the four corners of the world, which we reuse, remix and renew to create one-of-a-kind garments.

Each of our garments completes a lifecycle. A shirt/skirt or trouser fabricated in one corner of the world is bought and worn lovingly for years before it is discarded and ends up rediscovered in Kenya where it is combined with others and given new life."

I am going to add this to my (some day) grooms men blog. How fun and sweet ass are these shirts! I would love it if Potsch was adorned in this hotness on our big day. (i am clearly enjoying my adjectives today).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Polyvore winners

Polyvore is great and the winners page is just delicious. All things I love - Colors, Collage and Clothes.
Fun Time! LOOK!

Beat me to it

I just stumbled upon a brilliant wedding blog Boutonniers & Bow Ties (almost sounds like Boots & CatEyes). Here is what the site is - "Send us a picture of your dress. Then, we'll help you style your guy..." Amazing! Now look at some site examples -

LOVE IT!!!! Potsch can dress himself but I still love to look and get inspired.

Spring is in the air

which mean pretty dresses and bright shoes!
I want these. I want em bad too!


This made me laugh.
get yo self one here!

Madewell 1937

MADEWELL, by J. Crew, just opened their doors in NY. Their clothes seem fun and flirty. Seems like the classic J.Crew meets up with a little Deliha's.
Ah, spring time and gauzy fabric.


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