Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - Little Dragon

Enjoy Little Dragon these days and looking forward to their new release Ritual Unions.

Take it with you

My husband and I both have iPads. Oh yeah. We are just that cool. not really but sometimes. Anyway, when I carry my big purse I get to take my pad with me everywhere but sometimes that big purse can be so heavy and I find my self lugging it around just so I can have my cool gadget with me. For my husband he runs the risk of dropping it or not having it with him cause he has no way of carrying it. Until now. Kill Spencer has a very cool army style iPad case/bag. Fits your phone, wallet, book and ipad. How cool is that? Men and women can easily rock this style.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week in the Elevator

This will be another quick WitE post as I am heading out to Vegas for the night! But I love you and look forward to dressing for next week.
Ps- I got a new app that let's me splice photos together. It's super cool and came in quite handy when the elevator was down for repair this week. And for getting a nice little detail shot of my butterfly belt.

Man Cans

I may be a little late to this party but I am glad I showed up. Man Cans. Candles that smell the way a man would want candles to smell. Genius!

Scents like: Grampa's Pipe / Dirt / New Mitt / Sawdust / Coffee and more. Father's day may have past but I bet the man in your life could always use one of these.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - Another Harry

Recently I watched "Who is Harry Nilsson?" on my streaming Netflix and my soul smiled and cried for the loveliness that is Harry Nilsson. And on OLA this past Sunday I was reminded.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Week in the Elevator

With out meaning to this week became the week of red cardigans. Secret: on Monday I had a red cardigan in my bag for when the AC became a bit too cold.
Dresses and cardigans have been my staple mix and match for years now. This week I was super tired and just not getting enough rest. This made getting dressed in the morning a bit of a hassle but it has to be done right? Grabbing a dress and a cardigan is just easy. It makes me look stylish and pulled together on the outside and on the inside I know I am basically in the jeans and t-shirts of my twenties. Maybe that is how Monday slipped in there.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - the classics

I first true love happened when I was 12. He was classic gentleman full of style and class, talent and charm. My heart still beats wildly for him and I believe always will. Mr. Harry Connick Jr. No joke. I was IN LOVE with him. I went to his concert. I wrote to his fan club. I save every single item I could that had to do with him. From his CDs to his movies - Memphis Belle and Little Man Tate to the wrappers that these items came wrapped in. No joke. I even have a frame autographed black and white head shot of my true love.
Lately I catch myself keeping the radio off and singing Harry Connick Jr. songs my whole way home. He is a perfect gentleman just like my husband and if I ever have boy of my own he will be a gentleman too.

This one of my all time favorite songs ever. So many memories of dancing and dreaming in my room when I was supposed to be doing my homework.

Week in the elevator

Please excuse my tardiness on this weeks elevator fashion show. A lot has been going on and hopefully I will be able to share with you all soon. Now with out further adieu...

I love this outfit! These are my new jeans size 16!!!! I have not been a size 16 since high school. That seems to be something adult women say. "I haven't been this size since High School." I have always thought it was a weird thing to say and now I am saying it. I feel super sexy in my jeans and when I wear my cowboy boots...watch out! My shirt is vintage and I picked it up at this years Vintage Expo. And my hair is freshly done. Always makes me happy.

I was a little nervous leaving the house in this outfit as I was barely awake when I threw it together but seeing this photo I am quite pleased with myself and think maybe I should dress myself asleep more often. New Shirt from Nordstroms. Rock Star Jeans from Old Navy. I did wear a rediscovered bracelet for you though. Next I will need to get a better photo of it.

This is just a detailed shot of my necklace and shirt pattern. I love the color but you can't see it so well in the main shot.

These pants made it into the goodwill pile when I got home. They are super comfortable and I was attempting to go for a J. Crew yacht look. I feel like I half made it on deck. The pants are about 3 sizes too big and I spent the day having to pull them up. But I was terribly comfortable. Like working in your PJ's.

Try as I might I could not get a great shot of these pants. They are from Thailand and you have seen me in a similar green pair. Potsch calls them my Ali Baba pants. Others call the Hammer time. Each name makes me do a strange dance that I am sure looks nothing like it does in my mind. This pair is a lovely dark violet/purple with little flowers and butterflies all over. I love purple and red together so that is what I did with my shoes. Maybe the best shoes ever. And I brought out more purple with my amethyst rock necklace.

What are you wearing? I would love to see your weekly wardrobe or even just a shot of your favorite outfit. Email me!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretend Kids walk it out

Sometimes I think I am a big child. When I see shoes like this I wish I was a tiny child. Little Fashion Gallery will definitely be getting some money from me when I have little feet to fill these shoes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photo perfection

I love these necklaces from IWASANDWILLBE. And I think I love the product shots almost more. So lovely.

Tunes on Tuesday - Sweet as Honey

I hope your fourth's were filled twinkly fireworks and laughing friends. For this weeks Tunes on Tuesday I offer you the sweet melodies of The Honey Trees. Perfect music to send you to a shady tree in a park with you lover and a blanket.

Love this cover.Such a perfect lullaby

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh and...

Have a wonderful fourth of July weekend!!!!!!

Week in the Elevator

First of thank you to all the kind comments on last weeks WitE. I was reminded that life is all about perspective. So, put on a happy face and the world will smile with you.
Last weekend I did a big clean out of my closet and am now down to a few choice pieces and a couple I just can't let go of yet. I had some fun this week playing around with the clothes I have left and am having even more fun thinking about the clothes I need to get. I also rediscovered some great shoes and hope I can start incorporating them into my work wear.
So here we go...

I get a lot of compliments on this dress. Some times I don't want to tell people I got it from Target but then I always do. I loved pairing it with my thin black belt and Cardigan. And the sandals are my rediscover!!! I bought these last year and haven't seen them for a while under the mess and disorganization. But that is all in the past as I walk into my future with style.

Originally I had a new vintage red belt on with this outfit. I was so excited to share it with you but something was feeling off. Potsch told me maybe I had too many primary colors on. He hit the nail on the head! I looked a little to much like a cartoon super hero. Not the look I was in the mood for on Tuesday. So I ditched the belt and ended up with a nice summery outfit that reminded me of how lovely and sunny outside was even though I was stuck in the office all day.

I modeled this look after Rachel Zoe. I loved it. I felt cool and comfy and ready for anything. Even sitting at a desk all day. Ha. I even wore a bunch of bracelets AND a necklace. My accessorizing abilities are really being stretched to their limit these days. Which is good cause they definitely need a work out.

I love my vintage leopard print jacket. It is about 5 sizes too big for me now but I pinned it in a few spots and strutted around anyway. It may need to have a trip to the tailor. Thursday was my pattern remix day. I loved the mix of the leopard with the purple floral summer dress (Same design as the Monday dress and also from Target). You can't see it in this sassy shot but I am sporting my Ban.do heart as well. Love that heart!

Keeping it simple with a little stripey punch.
Jacket from Anthropologie. Skinny back jeans from Torrid. My rediscover sandals from Ross. Seafoam silky tank from Target.

Walk tall

I am dying over these shoes. I think my husband would laugh and laugh at me. I would be at least 6 feet tall in these. But they look so comfortable and pretty. Like living in a dream. from here.


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