Friday, July 31, 2009

At the Ledge

I think it is a part of business and sales to never show weakness - never show any vulnerability. Well, I guess I will need to work on learning that and executing that better cause right now I am going to break all those rules.
I do not doubt that my state is a bit weak due to lack of sleep, poor diet, completely missed exercise and just the fact that I am about to put myself out to the world in a major way that is causing me to break down and cry every 15 min tonight. My temper is fast and hard. My mood swings violent. I am so overwhelmed about launching Honey B I just don't know what to do with myself. Potsch tries to keep me happy and working, reminding me "The Universe wants us to succeed. Remember that." I tear up.
I am surprised by my emotional state honestly. I was doing fine I thought. But as soon as we started doing our inventory list (which is a lot of stuff) I lost it. "What if no one shows up? what if no one cares? What if my designs don't sell and I am the reason for loss?" These thoughts and more just like it are running rampant.
The nail in the coffin which made me turn to my cyber pals for sanity was when I tried to be productive. I tried to push past the frustrations and fear. Focus on the positive. "You want people there? then invite them." I told myself. I sent out an email, from my brand new fully tested Honey B email, to just about 85 hand selected recipients. Not two minutes later the dinging started and has not stopped. If I was not feeling like a failure before - seeing it in writing over and over again sure helped.(wow i had two more paragraphs written and for some reason they just vanished. Odd cause they were all positive. let me try again.)

I know that the party will be exactly what it is supposed to be and it will be perfect. I apologize for my pity party I just had but I also want to thank you for letting me feel comfortable enough to turn to you. This is a sign I have had for a while waiting for the perfect time. Now is that time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Honey B debut just got sweeter!

We just booked the most perfect band possible for the Launch party this Saturday, thanks to Dana (Broke Ass Bride). They are exactly what Potsch and I had envisioned. We are absolutely over the moon!!!!
Check em out here! The Petrojvic Blasting Company. Three brothers playin' and singin' their hearts out. I hate to say it cause I kinda want to save it for myself but how awesome would they be at a wedding?

Sneakin' around with you!

I finally saw all of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" last night. Potsch and I it on while working and it was a lovely and funny distraction. The best part was when Potsch told me "I don't know anyone beside Dolly Parton and you that squeal with delight." I fell even more in love with him. We realized that we are kinda Burt and Dolly. Potsch is a handsome Man with a sexy moustache and I am a squealing platinum blonde with big boobs and a big smile. (I don't really have Dolly boobs) Well, it got me to thinking. What a fun wedding theme. Burt and Dolly seventies Country style. The title could use some streamlining. I image the bridesmaids in big puffy crinoline skirts and the groomsmen in bootcut pants and cowboy boots. Hot!
Throw some hay around and grill some food. Chill some beers and perform a few choreographed dances. Sounds like our kinda party. I have not pitched this idea to Potsch yet but I think he might be into it. We see if I stay on this kick for more than a few days.
But for now enjoy the song that started my thinkin'.
Sneakin' Around With You. Potsch and I had lots of fun sneakin' around in the start of our love. Nothin' like it.

Feelin' Squirrely

Just brilliant. How can you not fall in love with Tommy Tucker. My heart still belongs to kitzies but I will give a sliver to Tommy T. cause he makes me feel squirrely.

"Tommy Tucker was a squirrel adopted by a woman in Washington, DC, in the early 1940s after she found the critter orphaned in a tree. He soon became part of the family, as it were -- accompanying the lady of the house on shopping trips, for instance. She also, it turned out, enjoyed dressing him up in specially made outfits..."

I love that the kid on the left is just not impressed. Tough crowd.

2 colour screen print. Really?!

This is a beautiful 2 colour screen print from RINZEN. Now that Potsch and I are elbows deep in screen printing I can appreciate it so much more. This portrait is so clean and lovely. I haven't printed on paper yet but once we have our launch party for Honey B I am all about it.
I am totally inspired by this.
I am confused as to why it is priced in euros when it is coming from New York. My guess is the price looks cheaper when it is in euros. ha.

Plastique so chic

Sometimes I want to dork out with artsy/graphic design stuff. Thanks to Plastique I not only can dork out but I can do it with class and glamour.

without the Golden proportion I don't think I could take a good head shot. Unfortunately, my ears are not pierced so i will have to wait for this style to come as a necklace

Every color photographer loves some CMYK. I always fancied a tattoo exclaiming it but this sweet charm could do the trick just right.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

There is always work to be done

Potsch and I have been hard at work for Honey B till 4am every night. But we did sneak a day trip to Comic-con with our friends in and a very drunken birthday celebration for a friend. But all that personal time can kinda get you stressed when you know you still have so much work to do.
Then i was thinking - how can I center myself and find the strength to keep going? I will tell my b&c friends.
This is a sneak peak for you super supporters. I hope you can make it to the party next week so you can see everything in person too.

We just got our business cards the other day. I designed them and we're really happy with them. Originally we wanted rounded corners but for time sake / ease / cost - we went with standard size and shape. We got them from Next Day Flyers. The price was great and we got them right away. We used them for our lables and some art postcards as well. All fast and cheap and pretty good.

Also, We got our website up. Honey B Online. It only has a page up right now but that will be built this week.
This is what our place looks like everday right now. This photo was taken at 4:30am. We have tons to do during the day but we really can only screen at night due to the heat and the ater based inks we use. Still, at 4am, we are sweating to death. Hence why Potsch is shirtless.

These are just a few of the 30 or so screens we have made. We own about 5 screens in a few different sizes. Most of our designs use two screens or more. That means we have to be smart and organized cause re-doing a screen cause you forgot you had to make one more shirt with that image is a hassle and can take a good amount of time. Time is not something we have to waste right now.

Potsch designed this amazing Market Tote (over sized tote bag that is great for actually shopping at the farmers market). He blows my mind with the stuff he can do. He designed and drew out a pattern. He hand dyes all the raw canvas himself. AND he sews. Awesome!
These are two of the designs we have. We will be naming the designs in the next day or so.

So, there is a quick catch up. It is 12:20am now and we are sweating and working hard. Potsch is once again having to take the sewing machine apart cause it keeps jamming. I am trying to squeeze in some of my other responsibilities before I get back to screening my cozies. I call them The Fix - more to come on those. I am very excited. Oh what the heck...I call them The Fix cause they can fix an outfit by being a fashionable cuff - when you wrap them around your Latte/Tea cup (your caffine Fix) they fix the temperature - and by not wasting those cardboard sleeves and using your Fix you are Fixing the planet. (They are also made out of vintage and repurposed fabrics). So, picture for those will come later. hehehe

Off to work now. I will try and get some fun things to you this week.
Potsch had to talk me into that quote but now it s one of my favorites.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Broke Ass and her Fresh Hubby

Remember my friend, Dana LaRue, of Broke Ass Bride and her amazing wedding photos? Well here is the amazing and hilarious wedding video they played at the reception. The guest enjoyed it soooo much that it got played twice. And now that it is online I get to watch it over and over again.

Adorable and so creative!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

HONEY B Debut party Aug 1st!!!!

It's here!! It's here!!! It's finally here!!!
well, the flyer is at least.

Potsch and I have been working and sweating hard for the past two weeks. Stayin up til 4am being artists with a mission and a deadline - Which is almost here!!!!

Our friends at Flock Shop, Michelle and Chad, are hosting a debut party for our new line
Honey B - organic handworked wearables & usefuls.
Wearable are mainly shirts for gentlemen and ladies.
Usefuls are...things that are useful. Handmade Market Totes, Tea towels, cup cozies for your hot and cold beverages, etc.

There will be some complimentary delectable delights for your taste buds provided by Chef Cathy Shambley and some Olde Thyme-y Spiked lemonade made by yours truly.

We are on the search for some musical entertainment for you to shake your leg and tap you foot to. If you know any musician that play early 1900's stuff let me know. Even DJ's.

We sure hope y'all can make it!
there may even be a raffle!

August 1st, Saturday. 6-9pm at Flock Shop - 943 N. Broadway #103 Chinatown, LA, Ca. 90012

Sunday, July 19, 2009


How cool and fun and amazing are these? Domsai by Matteo Cibic.
I would have either a whole shelf of these little guys or maybe have them hiding all around. That way they could put a smile on your face when you least expect it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jail Cafe

I am doing a lot of gathering and researching of photos from the 1920's for the Honey B launch party Aug 1st. Today I came across this brilliant trend - the theme restaurant. I know they are still around but they don't seem to have the innocence that they once had. back in these days it seems like the focus was the theme not the food. In some ways I doubt they cared about the food at all. As long as there was meat loaf and some fruit floating in Jello people of this time were ridin' high. Actually I think that food was more the 50's but you get my point.

This is my favorite and wish wish wish that it was around today.
Jail Cafe - amazing.

This is the Mushroom cafe of course.

And this the Coffee Cup Cafe.

There was also the Toad Inn (shaped like a toad) The Egyptian Realtor Office (shaped like the sphinx) and more. I realize that the trend was also to just make your building look like a huge toy. Another sign that adults are just kids with money.

Friday, July 17, 2009

How can it be a problem when it makes me so happy?

Holy crap! I am so crazy busy and swamped right now but I just found this and needed to share it with you. It was done by William Lynch for the cover of a new magazine called Limehouse. Brilliant.
On a side note or maybe this actually the center point - I think I maybe embracing my Cat Lady side a little too strongly. I went to the Renegade Craft fair and bought one thing - a necklace with a cat on it. I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and bought one thing - a $10 framed picture of two siamese kitties. And I am not ready to stop there. i have a plan to decorate the entire wall in front of me with Cat images. Do I need help? I am happy I have a passion and right now it is not hurting anyone. Please, friends, keep an eye on me.

My Apology

I am swamped getting ready for our Honey B launch on August 1st. Wow! two weeks away is not far at all. I will try and catch you up on some of the details either tonight or tomorrow. But until then here is a sweet picture to think of me by.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great and Only...

The Great and Only Barnum
by Candace Fleming. Holy crap I need this book!!! The cover alone is amazing. I find the circus, especially the old timey ones, to be a creep and wondrous thing. I enjoyed read "Water for Elephants" mainly for the circus story moments. Amazon has it for $12.91. A steal, I tell you!!!

"Candace Fleming, award-winning author of The Lincolns, Our Eleanor, and Ben Franklin’s Almanac, perfectly captures the spirit of an era, the spirit of the circus, and the spirit of P. T. Barnum himself. Drawing on old circus posters, photographs, etchings, ticket stubs, playbills—and with type and decorative elements throughout inspired by nineteenth-century designs—this book presents history as it’s never been experienced before—a stupendous, tremendous, show-stopping event!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Place Like Here

Shauna and Stephen are the people/couple I want to be. Sometimes I want to do everything that they do. Almost to a creepy point. I fantasize that Potsch and I are the west coast them. love them. I love they way they talk about each other too. So much love and creativity.

Craft Talk

When the need - place a bead.
I love Leslie and the lys. I think she is absolutely brilliant!!!!


These are gorgeous necklaces from Stone&Honey. The prices range between $65 - $200. So stunning. Could be great bridesmaid gifts. Or just a sweet special treat for yourself. Wearing certain stones have special benefits - "Agate is a symbol of the Earth and of nature. The earthtone colors it expresses are those expressed by trees and plants, minerals and rocks, clouds and sky, and the planet itself. Earthtones are in harmony with nature; they also nourish and support nature. Consequently, by wearing Agate, you can forge a stronger connection with the Earth and be nourished by the very energies that nourish the planet." (acording to GemStoneTherapy) Awesome!

Anything can happen Day

Today is our Official Anything Can Happen Day. Technically that would be any day but I found this clip today's today.

Random thoughts as I watched this:
Sweet Halloween costume ideas. Some of these kids seem like they are already in their late 30's. I want to name my little boys Lonnie and Cubby. You don't hear those much. I love that the flying saucer s looking for its cup. Sounds like a wedding vow.

One Thread Fair Trade

One Thread Fair Trade

"At One Thread Fair Trade, we believe that every one of us has a responsibility to improve the state of our global community, the state of mankind.

We work with communities of marginalized female artisans worldwide to produce beautiful hand-crafted accents for your home. Our work enables battered and impoverished women to become self-sufficient and improve the quality of life for both themselves and their children. One Thread Fair Trade is a vehicle through which individuals, like you, can positively affect the lives of poverty-stricken women thousands of miles away.

IT’S SIMPLE: Empower individuals to lift themselves out of poverty and live the life that every member of mankind deserves to live.

Together, we can change lives one thread at a time..."

These pillows are gorgeous! The website is great too. You can see pictures and read stories of the women who created your pillow. I like when people work together to create goodness and beauty.

Sake to me

Potsch once told me that a sake set is a default birthday gift. It says, "Hey, I don't know you that well. Here is a sake set." I fell for it at the time but thinking back I have never received a sake set or heard of anyone receiving an awkward sake gift set. I think he just did not want to give our friends that set. BUT if he saw this rad sake set I think he would be singing a differnt tune.
Adorable! $42

Never Give up on your Dream

This post is for my mom. I was looking through all these great posters by Studio Mela and kept thinking about having my own little girl and hoping that we would have the same great relationship my mom and i have. And then it dawned on me that my mom would probably loves these posters just as much as me. So I picked ones I thought would make her smile. I hope they make you smile as well.(you will never out grow my heart)

small spaces

I love this idea for a small bedroom space. I face and head get a little nervous about the cupboards crashing down on them but as long as someone with real handyman expertise installs them I think I could get over it. I love the pop of color with all the white. Makes me think of a very cool teenage girls room. The kind of teenage girl that travels to Paris and New York and Berlin with her allowance savings. (that was not me)

found on Decor8

I knew there was a reason

One of my favorite artist Cristiana Couceiro designed the album art for my new favorite singer Mariana and the Diamonds. I love this combination. Beautiful work.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dive-In Movie

This is the greatest idea - Dive-In Movie at The Pearl Hotel in San Diego.
"The Pearl Hotel presents "Dive-In Theatre," a FREE weekly "cinema social" combining eclectic film selections, food and drink, and light conversation. The event takes place at our poolside lounge and theater located outdoors and connected to Restaurant at The Pearl. Scheduled films are projected onto a 10' x 13' foot projection screen with full sound, overlooking our vintage, oyster-shaped swimming pool. Guests are invited to enjoy a range of classics, blockbusters, foreign and independent features from The Pearl’s private library."

This hotel looks awesome too. A touch more on the mid-century side than the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Potsch and I always want to sneak off for a day get away. We bring it up all the time but never seem to make the time. But with The Pearl Hotel and this heat and their Dive-In movie - this just might have to happen.

If you are thinking the same thing - here is a coupon for one free dinner. (good thru 8-09)

Still dreaming my little dream

As I have said before I kinda have a thing for Jonathan Adler. And I really have a thing for his Cat salt and pepper shakers. I even considered using them as our cake topper on our wedding cake. Potsch is on the fence still.
i guess I am waiting for them to go on sale. They are $48.00 right now and I don't have enough dinner parties to warrant that expense on salt and pepper shakers. For now I will keep the dream alive. You never know, maybe I will start having more evening soirees just so I can have them.

Chanel no. 5

Sometimes, as a woman, I feel there are certain thing one must do. Wearing Chanel no. 5 is one of them. I don't even really know what it smells like but just seems like if you are to be a sexy sensual woman that will be desired for eternity you must bare the scent of Chanel no. 5.
I might look into getting a small bottle that will be my secret sexy booster. The cherry on top of my subconscious courage. My inner Marilyn. Don't all women have an inner Marilyn?

White is nice - it goes with everything

Sometimes I need a little balance with all my color. This is a nice way to get it. Thanks West Elm.

Happy Time - more or less

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA awesome!!!! I love that you can dial it up or down depending. heheheheh

Dandelion Ranch

I love flowers but I am not huge on flower arrangements. I find they tend to look over produced, if you will. At Dandelion Ranch, however, that is not the case. They do not use green foam but instead a biodegradable alternative made from natural ingredients.

"Dandelion Ranch is No Ordinary flower shop. Whether lush or minimal, our arrangements are not plunked in plain glass vases, but carefully composed in vintage or modern opaque containers which we consider to be important as the blooms themselves. Our arrangement are unique and truly memorable."


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