Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blind Pig

Do you know what a Blind Pig is or a Blind Tiger? I sure did not until I started looking into Speakeasies. Potsch and I are real keen on the idea of a sort of wedding speakeasy not only cause the style of the time was so cool but also cause our relationship was a secret for a while. So, we figure it's a fun idea that just makes sense.
Back to a blind Pig - according to Wikipedia:

"The term blind pig (or blind tiger) originated in the United States in the 1800s; it was applied to establishments that sold alcoholic beverages illegally. The operator of an establishment (such as a saloon or bar) would charge customers to see an attraction (such as an animal) and then serve a “complimentary” alcoholic beverage, thus circumventing the law.

“In desperate cases it has to betake itself to the exhibition of Greenland pigs and other curious animals, charging 25 cents for a sight of the pig and throwing in a gin cocktail gratuitously.”[2]

The difference between a speakeasy and a blind pig was that a speakeasy was usually a higher-class establishment that offered food, music, or entertainment, or even all three. In large cities, some speakeasies even required a coat and tie for men, and evening dress for women. But a blind pig was usually a low-class dive where only beer and liquor were offered."

huh, who knew? I certainly learned a cool new term today.

Diablo Cody's going back to High School

I had the lovely privilege of meeting Mrs. Diablo Cody (Real name Brooke Busey) yesterday on the set of United States of Tara. I was not surprised to find she is just as beautiful and skin just as soft as in all her photos. And today I am not surprised to find out that Diablo Cody was just signed to write and produce Sweet Valley High for the big screen. I could not think of a better or more clever person to put that series to life on the movie screen.
I was more of a Ramona Quimby fan myself but after I finish reading The Fountain head by Ayn Rand I think it will be time to get caught up in some high school drama.

Cross your fingers for me

I am talking a lot about Dana and her brilliant wedding blog Broke Ass Bride this week and there is good reason - She just started her much anticipated Wedding in a Week give away contest!!! Dana has been talking about this and tweeting it for sometime now. She has also been working her broke Ass off organizing and getting all these great vendors to get on board. From Boudoir photos sessions by Hazelnut Photography and sexy underthings to Princess Laserton Button bouquets, Veils and Favors. You name it - if it is wedding then there is probably a chance to win it this week on BAB!
I just entered for my chance to win a Custom Couture Wedding Gown!!!!! Fo reals y'all!! As Dana said "It ain't even luxe for less, it's Fly for Free". All I had to do was check out the Custom Couture Bridal site and pick out my favorite gown, then leave a commet on BAB. Easy. now my fingers are crossed so tight they are cramping.

I was torn between two. Here are my picks!

1. Cassandra Ballerina - I choose this one cause I totally dig the tulle skirt. Reminds me of those MGM musicals i used to watch when i stayed home from school sick. I was never really sick I just liked watching musicals. I would probably shorted the gown to more of a tea length so I could show off some sweet expensive shoes. Since my dress would be free I cold splurge on my shoes.

2. London Gown in Silky silver taffeta - I adore this dress! It is so much like the dress I fell in love with months ago only to find out it was actually in London and not in my size. The color is stunning and, I find, so unexpected as a wedding gown. I love it also becuase it has that old Hollywood Glamour feel. I thnk with my hair being platinum I could really rock this look in a sophisicated modern/vintage way. I would lose the sparkly straps and just go strapless. My bridesmaids could be in bright lush colors. Oh I love it!!!

PS- even if I did not win these dresses are so totally affordable. I am super glad to know about the place eitherway.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Broke Ass Bride as my Paper Doll

I have been working on a fashion post for Broke Ass Bride Dana for quite some time now. It has taken me forever cause I have just not been happy with it. I kept feeling like Dana deserves more and prettier. Well today, thanks to Janie's blog contest cat dress polyvore entry, I decided i wanted to start makin' stuff on polyvore too! Call me lame if you want but sometimes I get so focused on visuals that I miss the words completely. I love polyvore! So pretty and fun and creative but I always just figured these people has tons of time to play on photoshop and search online gathering a bit of literally everything for their polyvore posts. Well, again, thanks to Janie, I found out polyvore has made it almost too easy to lose your life getting addicted to Fashion look collages.
This was my answer to my BAB fashion post.
I present you with Wealthy Wife Dana - a collection of "money is not an issue" items inspired by the successful business vintage modern woman and wife that is Dana.

For those who are working their way up to "money is not an issue" anything, here is the Broke Ass Bride under $50 also inspired by the always stylish and always successful Dana.

Amazing tattoos/art

I used to work on LA ink and I have seen some pretty great tattoo work from those kids. My mind was constantly blown away at the work Kat, Cory, Hannah and Kim would produce. The portraits Kat VonD could ink out in two hours were stunning. But I have to say after a while pin-ups and memorial portraits, no matter how beautiful, start to get a little run of the mill, if you will. I used to wonder "what is the next level in tattooing?" Tattoos used to be so controversial but now even the sweet crafty girl next door has her chest covered in a sewing notions dream scape.
And then i happened upon Amanda Wachob. Currently taking appointments at Dare Devil tattoo in NYC and having had her other art work shown in galleries around New York, Amanda has brought it to the next level. Her abstact and modern tattoos are stunning works of art filled with color and emotion. They are lively and playful and dang it! I want one!!!

quick confused post - turns into contest

I love cats but seriously...who could pull this look off?
I presents a challenge - send me a look collage (ala Polyvore) starring this dress and if you can prove this dress is wearable you will win a gift certificate to H&M.
Game on.

OH, I should have a cute off date on this new challenge - entry must be in by Monday Oct. 5th midnight. exciting!!

Nothin' like Knitting down to a good meal

These made me laugh and thus I had to share.
Artist Nicole Gastonguay is a graphic designer living in New York. And what made me fall in love with these hand made meals is that idea that they were made cause she wanted to. They were not thought out money makers. They are just something she had to do cause it made her happy.
More and more I find the saying "Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life" true.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You to can be a bathing Barbie

Swim suit season is coming to an end - sort of, with this ever changing environment who knows what seasons are anymore - but I saw this Barbie Swim Suit ($110) and thought is was just amazing. I love the suit anyway but when you put it on that model next to that car - what can I say? I don't even mind that there is no water in sight. Too Cool. I want to see this on suit on ladies!

Pretend Kids goes BIG because of Small

I just found this online mag called Smalll Magazine - a gorgeous fashion magazine for children full of stunning photos and designers and great links to other great kid stuff stores. These pages are filled with some of the most lovely images. Makes me want to have kids right now and invite there friends over and do a super cool editorial photo shoot. I think my kids may hate me for having a camera in their face all the time. I know my kitzies are over it.
Look at least beautiful babes. and then look at Small Magazine.

I have always imagined having a little girl first but I realize that I could have a boy and I would be thrilled. The boy above reminds me of my brother Tom and I think my little boy would be like him. I should be so lucky.

I think both of these girls have some pretty nice wedding styles going on in terms of hair. I would love to rock that female pomp with some blue flowers.

I want to know how this bow is staying in place. When i was a little little baby I did not have enough hair to hold a bow - much like this one - but my mom, being the genius that she is, and I mean that, double sided some scotch tape and stuck it on.

Halloween is awesome

Potsch and I stopped by Joanne's Fabrics last night to pick up a couple of things for some possible holiday additions to our Honey B line. While there I discovered the Halloween aisle full of kids costumes. When i was a kid my mom made all my costumes from scratch or we would go shopping at the always cool Aardvarks and she would style them into something amazing and one of a kind. i was always grateful for that cause the kids costumes back then were those horrible plastic sacks with arm holes and a creepy face mask. They were always a little creepy even when you were a pretty princess. So, I was surprised to see the quality and lushness of these costumes. Or so i thought. Potsch and I started putting the masks and head gear on and could not stop laughing at just how hidious these things were. Maybe our heads are just too big...or maybe these costumes are just lame.

This one was the worst. I thought I was going to look like this sweet sexy little kitty lady but instead Potsch told me I looked like I had just had surgery. When I saw the photo I totally agreed.
PS- did you see the price on that mask? $12.99!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things of Interest in Portland - Saint Cupcake

Yummy Yummy Yummy!! you better believe Potsch and I will indulging in some of these gorgeous delights from Saint Cupcake when we get to Portland!!! The only problem I foresee is dying from trying ALL the cupcakes.
But with flavors like Toasted Coconut Cream, Big Top and Pistachio Buttercream on Vanilla how can I not sample each?

Of course, if I want to pretend that i am taking the healthy road I could always devour the tasty vegan options. Cookies and "Cream", German Chocolate and Carrot - all look amazing.
I have to say I love that more and more places are offering vegan options and it makes me happy. Vegan is really yummy and far from dirt.

If you are not in Portland now and your mouth is watering to try these cups of heaven - do not fret. They can ship cupcakes to you. So you truly can have your cupcake and at it too.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Every time I see that lash miracle potion commercial my jaw drops. The possible side effects are so horrible and scary. Do women really want to sacrifice their vision and eye color just to have longer thickr lashes? Really?! And why is Brooke Shields the spokes person for this?
Well thank god these gorgeous ladies - Andrea Savage, Molly Simms and Rachel Harris - Made this in response. Perfect and exactly what I was thinking.

I love funny ladies!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

alliteration amazes all (especially me)

I was doing some research for stuff for PK Wedding Day (Potsch and Khali) and I found this wholesale site that has some pretty sweet staple needs like glasses and plates and stuff. And then I discovered the beverage selection. I have never heard of Starts & Stripes soda before but with punchy titles like Loopy Limon and Pineapple Pizazz my mind has gone crazy for cocktail concoctions involving these delicious drinks. Not sure if the aliteration is enough motivation to poison my guest with High Fructose Corn Syrup (Though in moderation all things are fine. even heroin)

Etsy Halloween

Etsy made me laugh today with these handmade costumes.

Faux Real!!!

I don't even know where to begin. Kelty at Steep Street has done it again. IT being - blown my F-ING mind all over the place. This time she did it with her sister too.
Hannha, Kelty's twin sis, and Alex just got married and I want everything about it!
Not only did Hannah looks stunning with her fire red hair and fresh flowers tuck in there but she also adorned a stunning green and white dress. That is the best of both worlds right there. Her jewelry was amazing too. Let's face it - she is a knock out! And Alex with all his style and color combo being a perfect fit - genius.

The knock out punch was delivered in the form of a wedding favor. Play list cd as wedding favor is not new but the way H+A do it...give me a break! H+A made an album of covers recorded and arranged by themselves brilliantly titled "Faux Real". H+A did a photoshoot in their wedding attire with Kelty and then had her design album covers. "They described what they wanted as "Elementary School meets Vogue meets Warhol meets Secret Agent meets Soap Opera". Kelty's brilliance goes far beyond just taking a stunning photo. She is a true artist and proves it again with these stunning covers. How gorgeous would these be as framed gig style posters as a wedding shot rather than a stuffy pose?

Listen to these sweet covers by H+A. Rock Out!
Time After Time
Our Lips are Sealed

His voice keeps me going

I have a new music crush - Kings of Leon. I don't know if that is dorky or what, I just know that his voice blinds me to all else. I am covered in chills and tears just like when I was a teenager nursing a new broken heart every week. That beautiful voice is so f-ing sexy too. The kind of voice that makes you want to put on a strip show for yourself in your own apartment...or maybe that's just me.
Am I alone in this? Just look at the passion on his face when he sings. I am such a sucker for that stuff. I always fall for the guy who's first priority is not me. Explains my past of guitarist, stand-up comics, actors and occasional drug addicts.

I chose to go with a live version cause you can really hear the sexy breaks in his voice.

Are you looking for me?

Are you looking for love and feeling stressed that you have not found that special some one who's not afraid to get his tuxedo sandy if you are will to get a little wind in your hair? Has trolling the bar been ineffective for your love search due to the fact that you don't want any dopers or alcoholics. Meeting a guy at a restaurant I am sure is impossible for fear he may think you are a fatty or a hideous monster who thinks about food all the time. If you have answered yes to any of these questions or nodded your head slightly or just gave out a chuckle then this video is for you. No more leaving your house all dressed up for the hunt. Now, you can stay in the comfort of your own home or office or even in the restroom (if you have an iPhone) and select your man from these winners.
Who says finding love is hard?

Anna Wintour is me

Went to see September Issue last night and I got a bit dressed up. I
figured I either had to go high fashion or high hilarity. I only had
hilarity in my closet.
The movie was fun and the fashion beautiful. Mrs.Wintour was not quite
as cold as expected and honestly Grace steals the show.
I would not say this was the greatest documentary ever made but if you
are interest in what a fashion editor does and what the offices of
vogue are like then I would say see it. Also I say see it in the movie
theatre as I don't think it would hold your attention as a rental.
But hey- that's just my opinion.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Field trip tonight!!!!

I am going to go see the September Issue tonight at the arclight in
Hollywood at 1020. Email me if you wanna come too! I am excited.


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