Friday, September 24, 2010

Makin' it pretty

Free downloadable patterns from Pattern People.

Theme Day

One of the best things about my current production job is that every Friday we have a theme dress up day!!!! I LOVE dress up! I have always loved dress up. Today's theme is "What did you want to be when you grew up". I came as a high heel suit wearing working mom.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mother of the Bride

Last night I skipped out on work to go shopping with my mom to find her outfit for our wedding. I love shopping. I love getting to dress others up too. My mom was not only a great sport - willing to try on anything - but she was gorgeous in everything which made making a final decision quite difficult. But we did it! And we of course did it with Anthropologie; my mom's heaven on Earth.
She now has her dress and sweater but she still needs her shoes and maybe a necklace. I threw this together on polyvore to help visualize the final look.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your votes count!

My mom need votes! It would be awesome to get some helping votes thrown my mom's way. You may even fall in love with delicious food blog while you're at it. She has stunning photos and recipes and my favorite is her Simple Saturday Series. Every Saturday she puts up a recipe that is yummy and easy and will be the talk of the party for sure.
So click here and give her a vote! please. I am telling you - SHE DESERVES THIS!

Cupcakes. Yum!

Potsch and I had our cupcake tasting and boy oh boy was it a hard decision! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world though to have my "brilliant at everything" mom doing our cupcakes (and our cocktail food!!!) I can't wait to share with you how these stunning cakes will be displayed. Potsch has worked his carpentry magic to make something of art to hold something of yummy art.
Our cupcakes flavors will be earl grey with a dense butter cream and chocolate brownie cake with fresh berry butter cream. I have a thing for butter cream.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank god everything has been thought of

I am not good with numbers. When people say how many people are in that room I say "I don't know. Maybe 100?" And turns out to be 20. Me and numbers just don't match. So, when it came to buying alcohol for our wedding in 20 DAYS!!!! I was at a loss as to how much. Luckily everything has not only been thought of but it also has a website. Evite we all know but did you know they have a drink calculator? Just plug in your party length - type of drinks and what drinks and BOOM - you got your grocery list. brilliant!

Friday, September 17, 2010

What's for Breakfast?

I tell you what! Quinoa! Yummy yummy mother of all grains and packed with healthy protein- Quinoa! Here is a trick- use almond milk or Coconut milk or Vanilla Soy milk to add a punch of flavor. Throw in some taosted pecans and fresh fruit or dried fruit like raisin and apricots. SUper yum. Super filling. and Super healthy. You might even add a few drops of agave to sweeten the deal even more.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mad for Mad Men forever

I feel like a teenage girl in the fifties reading a teen heart throb magazine. These brilliant shots of behind the scenes of Mad Men from Rolling Stone's has my heart racing with dreamy excitement. Total fantasy brilliance.

PS- What I have learned from this shoot is that the actors are smoking Ecstacy Cigarettes - herbal smokes. I always figured/wondered. The Ingredients: Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Catnip, Passion Flower, Skull Cap, Mint
Natural Flavors, Love & Light

pretend kid. so soon. I know.

I couldn't not share this. These little toeheads brought tears to my eyes. I have no doubt Me and Potschi's babies will be little snow tops too. Just darling. here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretend Kids - It's been awhile

I realize it has been a bit since I have shared photos of my pretend kids. Strangely as I get closer to my wedding day this concept of kids gets closer and closer. I like it. Until "real kids" let us enjoy pretend kids from J. Crew Crew Cuts.

Everyone's talking about it - Anthology

Print is not dead. Neither are tights!!!! I love tights!!!!!! More Tights!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

simply pretty

I do love me some simplicity especially when it comes to jewelry. These pretty pieces are not only lovely but affordable too from Elephantine.

I should keep my eyes shut

I fell in love with this photo and now I want to get new wedding shoes and light gray tights. Bastards! Why can't I just keep my eyes shut. No more changes, Khali! You have too much to do already.
Wouldn't this be a nice surprise under a pretty wedding dress?...No, Khali. No. Stop that.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

can't stop thinking about her

just so stunning. Had to share.

Katie Holmes you intrigue me

I want to see this. I was a large fan of Pieces of April but not such a fan of her in Batman. My finger's are crossed in hopes of some thing lovely.

34 days

Holy Crap! 34 days. My mind is in a tissy making list and trying my hardest to cross things off. It seems every time one thing gets crossed off two more things get added. Potsch and I made a list of what still needs to be done and it turned out to be three pages long!!!

1. Flags glued and screened
2. Centerpieces - garden store grocery list and construct with Bridesmaids
3. Votives and Glasses
4. Trays for condiments - Wood disks?
5. Napkins - handmade and screened with design
6. Design logo for napkins
7. Groomsmen gifts - Packed and printed with touching card
8. Bridesmaid mothpops - (I'll explain later)
9. Signs for just about everything
10. Arts & Craft Project for Guest - design, print and get markers
11. Gift Bags for out of towners
12. Music for every moment on a disc for our DJ... I wish I could just have Hi-Fi Weddings do this
13. Find a new Hair Dresser! What?! Yes!
13. I'll stop here...I am hyperventilating...the list keeps going....

Can we get this done? Can we do it with style and panache? Can we do this and have an amazing time at our wedding?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here comes the Bride (not me)

I am racing home to get packed for an early early morning flight to Aspen, Colorado. My friend since high school, Daniela is getting married this weekend!!! So super exciting. I have never been to Aspen and what a wonderful reason to go. Daniela has always been a stunning girl. Such class and style. Incomparable.
Several weeks ago we had her bridal shower around a pool. By the end I was a lobster from the sun but it was well worth it. I love being around fancy ladies and presents.

Mmmmm....homemade peach infused simple syrup and Pink Champagne. That can make happy girl really happy.


Love It!!! I remember as a kid taking naps on the floor where the sun was laying. I learned this past time from my mom who can still be found laying anywhere the sun is falling. I remember waking up not quite ready to get up. I would draw on the carpet with my finger. I'd make images and words and with a swipe of my hand they would be gone. No you can do it on the wall! Thanks to Dedo.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Page turner

I picked up our Guest Book today!!!!! So freaking excited! I used A&I Books after getting a sweet deal on Groupon. Even with out the deal I would use A&I. You can build your own book from total scratch using InDesign or Photoshop or you can use their free book building software. I used a combo - free software with some pages I made in Photoshop. So easy!!! The quality is outstanding. I hate to say it but it better than the mac iphoto books.

Potsch and I decided to blend our engagement photos with our guest book. That way we have one book we will actually look at again that is filled with special memories.

We can't wait to see all the lovely messages covering the pages.

Back to School Style

Sometimes I fancy myself a European School girl. Having any of these from Kibber sure would make my fantasy more real.


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