Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho Ho Hee hee he

Every parent who is gets way into to the act and magic of Santa needs to have a pair of these!! hehehe i had to share cause it make me giggle so much.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tee Time in style

Potsch wants a pair of golf shoes for xmas this year. Even though he is in the dog house right now I still can't help wanting to make him happy. It's gross. He is a man of vintage tastes for a searching I went. Instead I found these very cool (I wish I could wear them off the green) Golf shoes for ladies at Equipt For Play.

I wish upon a star

I found this so lovely and relaxing. Sometimes when life can seems so overwhelming images like this can really give you some breathing room.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide #2

Style in all we do. This is the motto I like to think I live by. I may miss a few days here and there but the goal burns alive inside.
This is a definite in my fight. The gorgeous camera bag from *Emera. Available in Canvas and Quilted.
Yes, Santa this is one for the list.

They see everything

I am a big fan of Google satellite. I love clicking onto the street view and wandering around the street. I love when I can see an empty street corner in one frame and then a click forward reveals the same street corner at a different time of day swarmed with people.
9eyes has gathered the amazingly beautiful, haunting and many times funny moments that have been captured and frozen in time on google street view.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What style are you?

My mom sent me this and it has made it's way through my office completely already.
Which style are you? click here to find out.

Turns out I am Romantic and yes I took it twice to find out I am also BoHo. I am happy with that blend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cool Cats. Ya dig?

You best be believin I want at least one of these for my little kitzies!!! Oh how I love that style can exist in everything. Thank you Like Kittysville.

Let's Wrap it up

I love these vintage photo tags from Benign Objects. Nice price to make a nice gift gorgeous.

Feral of fun

Two houses over from us about two months ago a litter of baby kitzies were born. For most of that time they stayed in their yard and you were luck to catch a glimpse of them frolicking in the grass. Well, this week has been my week. After patiently waiting with a can of tuna for an hour I was swarmed. There are 7 total. All sooooo different. All super cute. I did make the mistake of pushing my luck. I tried to pick up the orange tabby and was met with a slew of scratches that I am still mending.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tune in Tonight! TBS at 10pm

My friend Callard Harris will be coming into your homes this evening and every Tuesday evening at 10/9c as he makes you laugh and relive the Glory Daze. PS- Callard is a total babe.

Cat in the Hat

Thanks to my cyber pal, Sam of TheSentimentalSuitcase, i have been smiling from ear to ear. I can't wait to turn my already magical kitzies into super magical unicorn kitzies with the help of these handmade pet hats from XMoonBloom.

Monday, November 15, 2010

At the end of the day it is what it is

Last night I got to pretend I was in my twenties again and go to see a LIVE music show on a Sunday night. It was insane how tired me and my legs were after standing around for 3 hours. hA!
"But at the end of the day it is what it is" and I had a great time Hanging with Margaret and the lovely adorable girls of Hearts of Palm UK - Erica and Sonya swaying to Junip - José Gonzales' band since 1999 at the Henry Fonda Theatre.

Pretend Kids with more style in their little finger

These stunning photographes by Frank Malthiery have me feeling a bit inadiquite about my dream kids fashion sense. Luckily I have time to cultivate and mimic these gorgeous children before my real ones are here.

Holiday Gift guide 2010 #1

Since Potsch and I are planning to go on our Honeymoon this coming Feb 2011 we need to be very focused and creative with our gift giving. I have a feeling we aren't the only one out there who will keeping the holidays small and yet super full of warmth and style.

I may have to get an iphone 4 just so I can cover it with brilliant Leica Skin $13 +s/h.

How about this sweet little handy gadget for the photographer at home and on the go: Photographers Rights and Grey Card set $15 + s/h.

Sticking with the photo theme here is a great way to update the locket idea. A little more expensive but the smile the gift getter will give will last a life time. Photo Charm Necklaces $140-$180.

Run Margaret Run

I found this video today and thought of my friend Margaret who is training to run the Los Angeles Marathon soon.

Mia oh My Oh

My hair chop session has been postponed due to being called to producers for the show Parenthood. This hair hiatus has cause me to dream just a bit more.
Mia Farrow. Oh what a beauty she is. Though I don't want to have a demon baby I would not mind looking like Rosemary during pregnancy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Won't this look pretty under your xmas tree

I could not resist posting this.

Holiday Pop

Are you looking for that special sparkle to really set your holiday look off right? Well, look no further. I have found it!!!!! Miss Patina and her handmade bow tie necklace.

Also, how rad would this look on a bride!!!! Can I have a re-do wedding? I actual think I am going to be one of those woman who renews her vows with a whole wedding party every couple of years.


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