Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feelin' the heat from m+p

A couple weeks ago I had the lovely pleasure of shooting my first ever engagement session. The couple is a very near and dear pair to me and I was beyond honored to go to Palm Springs with my trusty assistant turned videographer (oh you will die over what he made) husband, Potsch, to capture the exuberant love abounding from these two. Margaret and Patrick will be tying the knot in absolute style this September. It is sure to be an affair to remember.
Through the hot hot heat of the early summer desert we four had a blast frolicking in the sand and hidden jungles of classic Palm Springs. There is nothing like a desert sunset in Joshua Tree to really set the mood for romance and bring right to the present of your glorious life. Or maybe that is just the effect M+P has on me.

Snap it!

I am so totally in love with this. I want my someday baby in it and I want one in my size too. I would never take it off of either of us. Only thing is Bobo Choses is Sweden based. now what?

Tunes on Tuesday - got you on the second beat

Catchy. Florrie is like the musical version of January Jones. I like it.

January Jones of Mad Men Florrie

Am I right?!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Week in the elevator

This was a long week where my mind, body, closet and mirror would not seem to get on the same seam. Haha see what I did there? I pulled through a couple times and hit bottom a couple times. But here you go: My Week in the Elevator.

I love this outfit in person but it doesn't seem to photograph in an elevator with barely any light very well. Shirt is from Target (of course) my pants are a size 16 for which I have not been since before high school. Crazy. Skinny Rock Star pants from Old Navy. And my shoes were a BIG move for me. I am not much of a heel gal but I have always wanted to be. Today was the day. Shoes from target.

For the first time I am tan (kinda) thanks to Thailand which makes me like showing off my legs. This is my sort of child look. I dig it. Dress from Lane Bryant. heart. My favorite.

This was the pits! I don't know what I was thinking. I was feeling the stress to impress and my brain just got all foggy. I was in a foul mood all day from this outfit. Total Booo. It started with my boots on the outside which Potsch thought looked better but again my brain was in a fog. I just got these real jeans, no stretch, no jegging aspect. By the time I got out of the car from the drive to work the waist and knees were all strechted out. Not cute having a baggy crotch all day. Shirt was weird. Whole color combo was just sad. I will not be telling you where to get these items.

I am on the fence about this look. It was so comfortable!!! It started with the shirt tied which was cool but I could not get it to photograph well and then I was sitting all day so I untied it. But I think it would make a great maternity outfit. Again, so comfy!!!
Dress from...Target. Shirt is just a mans denim button up.

I couldn't take it anymore. I knew I was not happy with week clothes so today I pulled it out with what makes me smile the most: COLOR!!!! I wore that cardigan at my wedding so it always brings a smile to me face. Shirt is a HoneyB bow. LOVE!! Bass Saddle shoes. Favorites! and my new Old Navy Rock Star skinny pants fresh from the dirty clothes.

Hopefully you did better than I this week. I promise to do my best this weekend and put some thought into next week. Maybe this is a perfect reason to go shopping? I feel an obsession coming on.

So many pretty things

Maslo Jewelry has got my number. I am hurting for accessories. I have two necklaces in rotation and they could definitely use a break. Maslo has me covered from wrist to neck to ears with utter beauty. And it's no surprise I think Margaret would love these too. Which may be the reason I love them double.

So many pretty pretty things. So many more on the site.

For Ivonne. xoxo

Today I found Karla's Closet and I never want to leave. My friend, Ivonne, I am guessing will feel the same. Sure puts most daily outfit bloggers to shame. Karla has infused me with inspiration. I hope I don't waste it. And I apologize to the bosses of all of you for distracting you from your work.



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