Sunday, May 31, 2009

I heart Picnics

I have been to a couple birthday picnics already this month. What a great and cost friendly way to hang out with friends and enjoy the outside. Whether at a beach, a park or even in your living room (great date idea), picnics are always fun!!
here's some cool stylish picnic gear I found on etsy:

1.vintageluggage $25.00 2. TheCherryChic $24.00 3. ValourVelvet $32.00 4. VintageWorks $16.00 5. VintageDame $24.00 6. Jennmapp $7.00 7. AntiquesGaloreGal $10.00 8. KBExquisites $16.00

I like this Poster

The artist is Richard Perez of Skinny Ships.
hehehe cute.

My Bike

Last summer I got a bike. It was an older cruiser kind and had been in a wreck so I got it for pretty cheap. I took it home and for a month it laid in the living room while I (and Potsch) hand painted it ala Jim Houser. I was so proud of my bike.
I think I rode it once maybe twice before it sat on the balcony for moths on end collecting dust and spiders and fallen tiny leaves.
Well, it is summer again and the bike ridin' season is upon us. Thanks to Potsch and his clean sweep my sweet bike bike was ready to ride - absent of the cobwebs.
Once again, my love affair with Bike has begun. I hope it will last more than two rides this time.
It is too pretty not to share.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pretend Kid

I am way behind on some photography work so I have to make this quick. I just had to share this little sweet bundle of giggles.
Is it wrong that I want to name her Muffin? ah, she kills me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kate Towers makes beauty

Sometimes I have this dream that my wedding dress is a bright color. Just absolute magic. But I think Potsch really wants that "bride in White" dream. We...BREAKING NEWS BREAKING the middle of composing this post I showed the gorgeous marigold dress to Potsch and he really liked it. I asked with a chuckle "But that couldn't be my wedding dress though right?" He said...."I don't see why not." OH MY GOD. I really have found the man of my dreams. wow. I am speechless.
Ok enough about me here is the real reason for this post - Kate Towers. Kate is living and designing in Portland,Oregon. I keep finding and falling in love with so many things from Portland lately. I must take a drive. Maybe to meet Kate and have a dress designed for me. See, that is what she does. She makes one-of-a-kind dresses and capelettes. When you go to her etsy store you will see the many wonders she has created in the past that are named things like "Only for Victoria". Such exquisite beauty.

Business Card Revolution

I am in the market for a new business card. Especially now that my sweet little blog is picking up. I can't tell you how many times I meet a great person or go to a great place and shy away from chatting them up due to my lack of professional business card. Sounds like an excuse - cause it is - but still business cards are important and they set the tone for how professional you and your product are.

I just designed the logo, packaging and business card for Chef Cathy Shambley. She is an amazing chef and I will definitely do a post on her as soon as she finalizes and photographs her new product line. Brilliant jams and marshmallows, just to name a few.Anyway, business cards are no joke these days. Sure there is still the flat information look but what does that say? I want something that sparks interest with out losing focus. (Like Chef Cathy's colorful and exciting)

These are a few cards I found today that just blew my mind and caused a bit of panic.

Though I love these I fear they will cost a bundle for all the special bits and pieces. But thank god there are people designing everything. Makes my life so much more inspired.

Big Adventure!

Potsch and I set out today to kick ass at Melody's Lunchtime Bootcamp. We got there just in time only to find the door was locked and we heard no voices. (Turns out she was inside and did not know the door was locked - but class ended up being canceled anyway do to the flu gettin' around.) So, instead of crying over spilled milk - we made lemonade! We wondered through Pasadena Memorial Park. A park we have seen a ton of times and never had the time to check out. It is awesome. They have a tiny hollywood bowl and in the summer they do concerts. Fun! There are kids jungle gyms and the best there are adult jungle gyms. We had lots of fun working out on those!

Then we decided to check out the gorgeous and huge Pasadena Central Library. Amazing!!! We got New Library cards - very pretty.
I love Libraries that look like those big old college ones. This is totally like that. I even sat and read my book while waiting for Potsch to find a few DVD's that he checked out. Out side there is a little cafe with seating and umbrellas. So f-ing cute!!! This is only a few blocks from our place and in my mind I imagine myself camping out here all the time and justing my smart on.

I just liked these little vintage paper dolls they had on display. On the right is Lucy and Ricky.

I even checked out a book. Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres. At my last book club the ladies raved about it. It is a little hard to move on from my Cullen Family and I miss them dearly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I wish this was mine

Look at this stellar home i saw on Design*Sponge today. F-ing amazing!!! I love the color choice so very very much. Universe hear my call! I am calling out to with as much love and desperation as Sebatian called his mum's name in Never Ending Story.

Training pt 2

Today I had my second training session with Melody. I thought it would be a good idea to walk there but then I left ten minutes late and that nice walk became a speed walk. I made it on time. Melody kicked my ass with in 5 minutes. No Joke. I was destroyed. I kept on for another 15 and then had tap out. I felt really embarrassed but then Potsch made a good point - "Just think how proud you will be when you are doing the hour work outs and can say 'in the beginning I could not even make it through the 30'". No pain no gain. Am I right?
Anyway today we got to do some kickboxing and Muay Thai. I love that stuff. I vow to summon my inner Tony Jaa the next time.

Oh that feels good

Today I am hurtin' a bit in my middle back. I feel like I got a chunk o'sheet stuck under me and slept contorted all night. hurts. Potsch being the lovely caring someday husband that he is wanted to help me and rub it out. I laid on our office floor and we punched in "How to give a message" on you tube. It was the best massage he has ever given me. Thanks You tube!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Let There be LIGHT!!!!

The other day a very large package arrived for me. What could this be? I was not expecting anything. I took the large box in side and read the shipped from address - North Carolina. Wait a minute, my Aunt Sandra had said she had a lamp that belong to my grandma (dad's mom) and asked if I would want it. Could this be that lamp?

Yes it is!!!! It is a very cool two light Pole Lamp. And it works!!!!

It needs a little refurbishing but not too much. How cool that I now have a sweet lamp that is a family heirloom. hehehe. Thank god for family and the ones in it that really get you! Aunt Sandra is the absolute best.
Spidy is pretty thrilled with the box it came in too. So thank you from her as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big weekend

Potsch and I are heading out for a much anticipated wedding. I got a
new camera (tell you bout that later) and I'm taking it so maybe
you'll get to see some of the magic carpet ride wedding too. Talk soon.

Calimucho - sexy summer beverage

I searched the web for an official recipe but came up surprisingly short. I would have thought I would find something as it is the hip drink to order at places like Gjelina on Abbot Kinney in Venice. But maybe no one felt the need to put the ingredients in print because there are really only two things you need - Red wine and Coke Cola.
Yes, I know, it sounds a little foul and it definitely takes a moment to find the positive but once you do you will feel like the sexiest coolest spaniard on a summer vacay to the states while still getting to enjoy a bit of home.

When it comes to the red wine I really don't know which grape would work best. I say try them all and see what works for you. Then splash a bit of the american Classic Coke Cola drop in a few ice cubes- a twist of lime - and kick back and enjoy the sweaty heat and sun.

Make one and tell me wat you think. Am I crazy? let me know.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photos from Vintage Fashion Expo

These are long over due but here are some of the photos from the Vintage fashion Expo about a month ago.

I just fell in love with this dress. the color is one of my favorite. Might even be one of ouor wedding colors. ooooohhhhh!
This is my favorite kind of rainbow.
Fun! Stella Neptune has a cool line of vintage remix pieces. I was a fan of this cashmere cowboy number. She also has some great kids pieces too.

Thanks to Potsch's eagle eyes he spotted in a back corner just as we were about to head out, these sweet babies. $50. Just perfection!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Madeleine Peyroux

I found a new women to be in love with Madeleine Peyroux. She is just perfection! I have a very soft spot in my heart for old jazz standars and she fills it with her perfect mix of old and new. Next time you are making a pandora station do yourself a favor and plug in Madeleine Peyroux.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my ass was kicked

My workout yesterday was AMAZING!!
Melody told me we would start with 30 min sessions until we build up my strength and endurance. She assured me that she would definitely kick my ass in those 30 and that I would barely make it.
She was not lying!
I have strong shoulders but a weak chest so we focused on upper body. What The F!?!?!?
at the end of the thirty i felt like i had been electrocuted. There was seriously an energy surging from my left finger tips through my body to my right finger tips. It was nuts!

Today I feel awesome!!! I feel the burn but it's not so bad when it is mixed with pride.

Beautiful Flowers

Potsch and I (maybe a little more me) are neck deep in wedding planning. We have a problem where we just get inspired by the randomest of things and thus what we imagine our wedding day to be change constantly. Our main focus is family and friends - Love - and as little stress a possible. When it comes to details like flowers I just figured I would go to the flower mart and handle it myself. Saves money and could be a nice table-arrangement-making-party a couple nights before the wedding. Just writing that makes me stressed.
My friend, and co-founder of our book club, Megan G. sent me this link to her Florist friend, Danielle of Brown Paper Design. Everything is just beautiful. I loved all the photos of the stunning arrangements and then I read her about and just about asked her to be my maid of honour.

"There is inspiration in everything, even in the most familiar places. I find that to be the most exciting thing about life."
that was just a sweet taste.

My stress is gone now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hermitage Wall Paper!!!

Oh, you know I love me some wall paper. Look at these beauties at Hermitage. Tons of colors and styles. If I had a house right now it would be covered - each wall a different paper.

Your Books would be beautiful

I am in love and wanting my own book made by Good Stock.
They turn your shoebox full of photos and mementos into a beautifully bond book. You can either chose to do the layout yourself with help from their template or have them custom design it for. Either way they are beautiful and what a wonderful way to share your story. Whether your story is your baby's first year - a picture a day, or your family history or your wedding, nothing will do it more justice than having Good Stock do their magic.

these are just a few of the covers. Go to the site and you can get a sneak peek inside.

I just took a stroll through their blog...just brilliant. A perfect gift for anyone you care about - even yourself.

My favorite meal

I am slightly obsessed with this meal. It is sooooooo easy and
sooooooo good!!

1/4 cup unsalted sunflower seeds
1/2 cup garbanzo beans
(those together make a complete protein)
1/2 tomato cubed
A little pepper
A slight dash of sea salt
And voilĂ  ! Yummy yummy.

You can also get a bit more involved and add 1/2 cup brown rice. All
together makes a great complete (protein and carb) meal.
Feel free to throw in every veggie you want. I like cooking up some
purple diced onion. Mmmm.

If you make it tell me what you did.

If I throw up we have to stop

Besides for the fact that I REALLY need my hair done - I am crazy
nervous to start my first training session. I am excited but fear I
may throw up just from the hard throbbing pulse in my throat. Wish me

Monday, May 18, 2009

Awkward Family

Oh my god...I know this is making it way through the internet but I need you to know if you don't already -
Awkward Family Photos
Here is a few but I could have put hundreds. enjoy.


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