Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He's got baggage but I like it

Sometimes I get nervous that you lovely readers will kill me for posting baby stuff all the time but then I have to tell myself "It's ok! I am having a baby!"
So I hope you see these posts as things to make note of for yourself later or maybe you already know a bunch of baby/kid stuff and should be sharing it with me! I would love to learn from you too.

Today I love this bag.

It is not a diaper bag but can't any bag be a bag for whatever you need it to be? How cool would a daddy be with strapped across one shoulder and a baby wrapped around the other? I am digging it. from Fossil.

Friday, September 23, 2011


That is an amazing shirt!

The perfect gift

Life has been nutty over here at New Girl (my job). Thank god for the iPad and flipboard. I found this and am so excited to get it for a few soon-to-be-mommies I know. Bluum! This is a monthly service that send a box of mommy/baby surprise for just $9 a month! They even have a couple of gift options like a year for $109 and 3 months for just $33. I think this is a perfect add on to baby shower registry gift. Buying from the registry is always the way to go but I always want to add a little somethin' somethin' that is just from me - now I got it - Bluum.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - Garrett Hedlund

I can not stop listening to the gorgeous voice of Garrett Hedlund. Potsch and I watched the movie Country Strong on the way back from Thailand a bit ago and we loved it. Since then I have wanted to be a country music star and I think Potsch does too. The other day I bought all of Garrett Hedlund's songs from the soundtrack ad have not stopped listening and dreaming to them. Potsch is getting a little jealous. Any man would. It kills me that Garrett is not really a country singer but rather mainly an actor. I want music from him and I have a feeling I will be wanting this forever. But for now I will continue dreaming and invite you along with me.

I can't stop thinking about it

Lately I have been on this kick to move to Montana and start a farm and get away from the internet and cell phones and all gadgety electronics. To raise my kid in the wild and nature and on from the heart of the land...and then my friend, Sam, sends me this...Marc Jacob diaper bag!!!! how about that print?! The print is what got me. $288 quite a bit steep for me these days but maybe if I get a little more design work and a few more photo jobs I can justify it. maybe.

Via here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pretend Kids - mine and Kate

I absolutely love Soft Gallery. So lovely and whimsical and yet chic and pure fashion. The photos of their pieces are just gorgeous as well. I imagine my baby to be a little more rough and tumble with twigs and glue in their hair on a daily basis but I have no doubt my super model friend Kate's children will be just this eloquently stylish. And the video on the front page is absolutely calming and zone inducing. Makes me wanna copy copy copy and make my own.

Love this little boy.

I could see my husband in those pants and shoes. So, I will not be surprised my our child dons the same look.

This is how I wish I was posing in most photos as an adult.

Pretend Kids - not for long

Zara has a kids section! So stylishly adorable. I want it all. I am so excited to have my very own doll. hehehe my luck I will have a little rebel kid who will dress them selves from the start. That will be super fun too.

I want those blue tights for myself.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shade Parade

I was talking to my wonderful friend and Bride, Margaret, today about when to get out nails done for her wedding. I love doing lady dates. Then I found this and it made me giggle. perfect timing.

I am back! with News!

Life has been busy busy busy and only promises to get even more.
Potschi and I are havin' a baby!!!!!
I am 14 weeks along and enjoying this nutty nutty roller coaster.

This Tunes on Tuesday is dedicated to my husband. xoxox


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