Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wrap it up

Finally the cold weather of California is coming!!! I love to bundle up. I love wearing scarves and jackets and pants and tights and all things cozy and warm. But the thing about scarves is I get a little lost as to how to wear them beyond the usual knot. Sometimes I am given scarves as gifts - the large square ones, those really get me lost. Well, I am found now. No excuses for not having a little extra winter style this year.

Tunes on Tuesday - Drive

I can not stop thinking about this movie. It seems to be one of those that just sticks to your bones. It gives you a feeling you can't shake. A romantic melancholy maybe? I can imagine if I were in High School and had seen this my life would be changed. I would dress differently. I would have my headphones on at all time to this Nightcall song. I am not surprised my brother, Buster, has done all of this. He was already gnawing on tooth picks daily and fixing cars. Thankfully, I can live through him.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a......

We are over the moon to announce we are having a girl! A real live baby girl!!!
Let the glitter and tulle rain down on us!!!

Dreaming in technicolor

I was checking out Mrs. Lilien this morning and kept getting swooped off my feet by all the fun fem-color and sequins! Color and sparkle really just makes any day better. Get your fill here.
This outfit post had me thinking "my lovely readers would dig this!" So, here you go! I hope you enjoy. In my dream world I will breastfeed so much and so well that fitting in to any of the high waisted pants would be nothin'.
Here is to dreaming....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - don't forget to breath

Some times I get so wrapped up in work and projects I forget to breath. This song is a goofy reminder to take it easy and feel groovy.

Last neutral day

Tomorrow Potsch and I will be finding out if this sweet atomic kicking/punching baby of ours in a boy or a girl. This is a strangely big huge deal to me and I can't completely tell you why. I always had it in my mind that I would wait until our official first face to face meeting to find out who this little person is but the more time we spend together and the more Potsch longs for a stronger connection the more it just makes sense to use technology and these modern times to get a 20wk ultrasound.
So today I am enjoying the last moments of this part of the mystery. The wonderment of whether there will be a penis or some day period talk. I am proud of myself for not letting my mind race off into the future where my child grows up and gets married and has a career doing such and such. I have kept myself excited for just changing a sweet stinky diaper and losing sleep for the most magical reasons.
Tomorrow, however, I hope I can hang onto that reserve. I hope I can allow the expectations and fantasies to have their fun and not stick their hooks in me too deep. And honestly, it's just a gender. Whatever we discover tomorrow will not make us paint the baby room one color over another. And who knows if that gender is who the actual baby person will want to be. Either way, we will be thrilled. Either way it will be a miracle.
Thanks for reading my ramble.
Khali, soon-to-be-mother-of-a-child

Friday, October 14, 2011

A real help

I have a couple of friends who are pregnant right along with me. Nicole is 5 weeks ahead and Sarah is 15 weeks ahead. Being a part of this soon to be mommy world is a super trip. There is so much info you need to learn and sort through. There is even learning how to help the right away as opposed to the in the way. One thing I had heard about from a mommy of a 21 month old is the idea of baby mooning - this not a trip you take before you think you can never take a trip again but rather a nice bit of alone time with you and the father and the new member to bond and connect before the rest of the family and friends come in with all their eager excitement. The other thing I learned from her was the idea of dropping off meals or giving clean up help with out requiring the parents to host or entertain you but rather you are just helping out of love and that's it.
So, I went on a search to make this food/clean/help plan a little easier for anyone who is interested. TAKE THEM A MEAL is the answer. It is an online customizable spread sheet where you can invite friends and family to sign up for what they can do. The site will even send a reminder email! And the service is free!!!
I will be setting this up today for Sarah and Clay and their almost here baby. So exciting!
This isn't just for baby parents. Think about your sick friend or an elderly neighbor who could use a little friendly help. I love the idea of connecting in a personal way with real life people again. Some how the Internet has brought so many of us closer and yet so far away. I am happy to see it is working in our favor to benefit our humanity and souls.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Which wood you like?

How kickass are these wooden teething toys? Even if you don't have a baby these would look super cool on you shelf or in your own mouth. I know I could use a teething toy every now and again.
From the sweet etsy store Little Alouette.


I just got busted by my husband for buying this online. damn email receipts.

Gonna dress you up in my love

Dying over these!! so freakin adorable. Oh baby! If you are a girl - watch out!
from here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pretend kid - the future

Sometimes I see photos of babies and all of a sudden my world seems more open. Like this photo. It is such a random every day moment and yet it brought tears to my eyes thinking about the idea that I will have a sweet little naked baby running around my house sooner than later. My mind is filled with the happiest giggles and feet stomping around. That beats any fashion or gadget I could ever buy. The smell of a sweet baby - the smell of MY sweet baby. oh man I can't wait.

She's on the case

Leave it to my pinterest pal, Cuban Girl, to have the low down on kick ass ipad cases. You can find one to fit your needs and desires all right here. And might I suggest giving her a little follow action on the ol'pinterest as she is always down with what is up. no joke y'all.
ps- style definitely comes with a price on this selection but style makes you feel like a million buckets. so, pay up.

love this color AND it has a camera hole in the back for the ipad2. sweet!

This is a sleeve but it has stars all over it so I love it.

I mean, it's MJ. and it's shiny.
This little sparkle bag is one of my favorites. When I am done working and doing more freelance stuff i won't need to carry around so much. This would be perfect to pull on and head to the coffee shop to blog.

See above reason for cool little bag case and then add that it's MJ. I love MJ.

Laser Tag

This is so cool!

Tunes on Tuesday - Havin' my baby

This song has been in my mind for months now. Makes me laugh all the time. Why are there not more song being made like this.

This is the maternity series Potsch and I started doing 3 weeks ago. There is a letter that goes in the space but we wanted to save that for the baby to read first. Maybe, once it is all done, I'll post the complete version here.
Week 17
Week 18

week 19

Monday, October 10, 2011

A year ago

It blows my mind to say that 1 year ago today I became the wife of the sweetest greatest husband in all the lands. What better way to remember our glorious day than to gaze through all the fun Brilliant photos by Steep Street. I have never danced on a softer higher cloud than that night 10-10-10. Here is to you husband and all the adventures you fill my life with. And here is to you family and friends who add more love and support in our life than we know what to with at times.
Life is good.

My stunning bridesmaids indulging me with their brightly colored matching shoes.

Me and me mum - My bestest friend and constant inspiration.

My sister-in-law, Heidi. Always adding her spin and flare. Thanks for adding a little edge.

Yeah, that's right. I made them carry moth pops. I thought it was genius at the time. hehe

That center frame was my grandmother's from a huge mirror. It felt so lovely to be framed like that.

My brother, Tommy, wrote and played a song for us during the ceremony. He is like a tall rugged ray Lamontagne who fights fires and saves lives.

We still have our hand made rope covered in the blessing of all our friend and family. We are hoping to incorporate it in the design of our baby room somehow. Any ideas?

That night when Potsch and I were alone in our uber fancy Beverly Hills Hotel suit we got to go through all the great drawings and messages left by our guest. It was like the night would never end. We can't decide if we should frame the drawings or make a cool little book. I like the book idea.
How cool are we that famous Chef Travis Lett (in the back) of deliciousness Gjelina was at our wedding ?! haha we feel so cool.

We made so many things for this day. These flags. The napkins. The runners. The much.
This is my crazy family. Those are my two brothers holding up my step-dad. They are all awesome!

I made this sign and so much of me wishes there was some way to re-use it cause I loved it so much. But a seating chart seems to only have a one use limit.

Potschi and his mamer. This photo always gets to me.

I danced with my mom and had my father and Step-dad walk me down the aisle. Mom and I danced to Abba's Dancing Queen. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!

Another sign I wish I had a way to re-use. Anyone having a brat dinner soon?

Thank you for pushing through this hugely self indulgent post. I can't believe how time flies. How something can seem like the biggest thing ever and then it passes and life moves on. Thank god for memories. Thank god for laughs and thank god for tears. All these things make my life so full.

And our movie....

Falling For You from Khali & Potsch on Vimeo.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Carry that

Oh man. Totally hot! Say hello xmas list 2011.
I am in need for a sweet case for my ipad2 and these are just my style. Gold and hot pink?! I mean, glorious. Periwinkle and Sun Shine yellow?! Get out of town. Anyone would be lucky for any of those combos. My only sad face is that I don't think there is a hole on the back for the camera. That seems weird. Maybe I am wrong? Available at Jess LC.


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