Friday, February 27, 2009

Organized Beauty Everywhere

Wear Palettes is a daily selection of color palettes based off of fashion outfits. Simplistic brilliance.

Everything's Amazing & Nobody is happy

This made me laugh - cause it's true.

His name is Louis CK.

Eagle Rock-s My world!

Postch and I have been toying with the idea of buying a house.  Every now again we check out new listing online and sometimes spend a couple of hours with Stefanie, a friend and also real estate agent, driving around and looking at potential  homes.  We are kind of open to the area. We are thinking somewhere around Pasadena / Altadena / Eagle Rock / Adams Hill / stuff like that.  We also seem to love the idea of renovation - or as I have learned in real estate lingo is called Reno - either way, we are in no rush. We would rather feel excited and happy then "F yeah, we got a good deal" - course feeling both of those wouldn't be so bad either.
On DesignSpongeOnline today they featured a "sneak peek" of an Eagle Rock Reno.  Beautiful!!!!  I die! (I kinda have a thing for Rachel Zoe) The house was originally 400sq that
 they turned into 1100sq. Who doesn't like a bit more room to move.  I love the outside but not outside spaces.  And I am a big fan of open space with catacombs.  I find that is a hard one to balance but they seem to do it to perfection.

I would too

I think if I had a bright pink tutu I would lay around in it too. All the time.
Photo from here

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out and about

I am out on the town today gathering info for my readers to enjoy.
Post to come. Hopefully tonight.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

J. Crew is Tre' Cool.

Potsch and I got engaged this past January 8th which happened to be my 30th birthday as well. I have been meaning to do a post of the whole story thus opening the flood gates of wedding related posts but alas the gates will be opened this way quite similar to how this whole blog started.

J. Crew.
I used to think that J. Crew was kind of the up-tight GAP. But in the two plus years of living in Pasadena I have noticed that the lovely window dressings on Colorado that catch my eye the most - season per season- are, to my surprise, the windows of J. Crew. I think we know by now that I am color to the core and the pallets of the Crew are just exciting. They are like vintage with out the smell and moth holes.
Getting engaged has opened up a whole new world of wedding blogs and trends and gossip and...well, it has just become a bit of an obsession. When thinking of my own wedding style I would say I am a bit modern and classy with a definite vintage tint and of course lots of color. Well, can you guess who has a wedding line that catches my eye time and time again? You guessed it The J to The Crew.

Who Doesn't love pockets?

PS- Balloons.

Ole to you none the less!

Elizabeth Gilbert, writer and author of Eat Pray Love, recently spoke at TED talks. I have attempted to read Eat Pray Love numerous times but for "too close for comfort" reasons I have never made it out - or even that far into - Italy. After getting to hear her talk I was quite moved to pick it up and try again.
Today I have been on this creative/motivated kick. It feels good but has it's share of fears attached to it as well. Her talk gave me a sense of optimism, calmness and control. As I told my friend on the phone tonight, your story will always continue, you just need to decide how involved you want to be in it. Elizabeth's talk could not have come at a better time.

Unbelievably mind blowing to me

I am finding so many inspirational things today. I love days like this!

I found this a bit randomly and was just floored by it's beauty and possibility.
my favorite one is the singing lines. When the couple sings together what beauty is made.
I wish I had a room in my house like that. I would be so stress free and never need therapy. You could just go in and sing it and dance it out! Brilliant!

Milton Glaser on TED

I stumbled upon this video today, Milton Glaser on TED. At first I was going to skip it once I saw that it was over 15 minutes long, but instead I decided to hit play and watch until I lost interest. Well, I made it through the whole thing and even felt it was worthy of sharing with my brilliant readers. I was so moved and inspired by how relateable Milton was. I hope you can find some of the same feelings.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Balloons may be the new Fake Mustache

As I scour the internet for cool and interesting things to share I begin to notice repeats and the small blossoms of new trends. The latest one is Balloons. I don't know about you but I have had just about enough of the fake mustache. Yes, I am fully aware that my current "this is me" photo is me with a fake mustache askew but lets keep in mind that is an old picture from when people still thought Myspace was cool. I do mourn the end of the faux facial hair hayday but my eyes are bright at the birth of the new. My prediction is "balloons". When I say that I am reminded of one of the best movie lines - "Plastics" from The Graduate.
I am not sure what the attraction is to have started this resurgence. Maybe it is the more bang for the buck idea? A bunch of balloons is far cheaper to decorate a wedding than say...anything else. Or maybe adults are feeling the responsibility of the recession a bit too tight and long for cake and ice cream parties of their far less stressful childhood? Either way I am clearly blaming our economy (side trend - the economy is the new thing to blame in therapy. It's not your parents fault anymore).
So, that is my guess and here is some evidence.

No Heroics is my new hero!!!

I auditioned for the American version of No Heroics today. I had never heard of the show before so I had to do a little research and I found out that it is the absolute funniest show ever! It would be a dream f-ing come true to book this role. I can not imagine a more fun job than being a B-list Super hero. I am thankful for just knowing that the British one exists because I am just in love with it. Giddy giddy school girl love with it!

Oren Lavie is so pleasant

Oren Lavie was born in Tel Aviv and is a singer, songwriter, play write and Theatre Director. I keep seeing video posted everywhere and I just love it. Such a beautiful idea and done so well. His music is the kind you have playing in your mind on those perfect day with your love when there is a slight drizzle outside, just to keep you bed a little longer. Watch him here and check him out over there. once there, be sure to listen to "Ruby Rises". pretty.

Oscars 2009

I may be alone on this - and according to the sites I have read, I am - but I was not thrilled with the Oscar dresses this year. What I mean is, they were very pretty but not very exciting. I felt like I was watching a show of opposites - sometimes a wedding and sometimes a funeral. Why were there so many blue/black with a weird strap dresses? And why was the only other option a wedding dress? I was confused. I will say that my favorite of the night was Marisa Tomei. She is always stunning and provocative.

love these

Sometimes I worry that this blog will just be a list of all the things I want which will make me look ungrateful but then I realize that I am incredibly grateful. I am grateful to all the people and their ideas that they made something with. I am grateful to the internet and how it connects me with the so many more facets of inspiration. And I am very grateful that I have the time and outlet to share all my finds and thus support the people and their ideas and inspirations.

That said, I really want these cups.
Life + Limb just opened their online store the other day and it is just lovely. One of these days I am going to take a road trip to Portland, Oregon and I definitely want to stop by this actual shop too.

When I grow up I want to be her.

I have a sweet thing for stationary. I don't really buy it, though sometimes I collect it, but I love just looking at it and imaging giving or getting it and how pleasant that would be. I feel so luck to have found Darling Clementine and even luckier to get to see the creator herself, Tonje Holland, and where she lives in Norway. Her style is that perfect blend of vintage colorful and clean and neat. It is like living your adult life with the same excitement as a 6 year old. (a dream come true)
Just take a gander at some of DC's cards and Tonje Hollands home. And if you like why not check out her etsy store?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just what I need

There are times when I get a bad case of social anxiety and just lock up. I get so nervous to talk to new people. What do I say? Maybe I have even talked to them before but I don't remember anything about them now. What a jerk. My mom always told me that you should just ask questions about that person and talk about them that way when they leave the party they remember you and think you are great. Good advice and has definitely come in handy BUT what if they have nothing to say and get jammed up too? Here is the answer in a very sweet and cool way -
The Conversation Pillow

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Now, I know that Scoops Ice Cream has been talked about for years but that is because it is worth it!  I have tried to go here many times. So many that when I actually would standing right outside of the shop I would turn it down cause the build up had been so great  I really just wanted to keep the dream alive. Well,finally, last night I went with my two very talented friends, Margaret (outstanding artist) and Nicole (gorgeously talented actress).  Though the infamous Bacon Ice cream was not available there were still plenty on interesting flavours to devour. Black Sesame / Brown Bread (which seemed to be sort of a grapenuts ice cream- i liked it)/ Kombucha Squash / Caramel Kahlua / Salty White Chocolate / Blueberry Vanilla - the list keeps going.  I went for a double scoop, pairing Black sesame with Salty white chocolate. BRILLIANT!!!!  I am so in love with the black sesame that I am bringing Potsch there tonight. I think I have found a new addiction at 712 N. Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles, ca. 90029 
 - 323-906-2649


Sometimes I am one of those women who thinks about having babies just so I can dress them up and play doll.  Now that I have found MAAN I am definitely feeling that way.  I adore the colors of course but i also LOVE that I would wear any of these outfits myself.  I am pretty sure that comes to no surprise to those who know me.

I heart Textiles

So far doing this blog has allowed me to fall in love about a billion times.  
Here is yet another heart stealer - Brie Harrison ,a print/textile designer living in London.  Brie's work has been seen in Accessorize, Anthropologie, Amelia's Magazine and she has recently been seen in Illustrator Mike Perry's book 'Over & Over' which is dedicated to pattern and design. Brie is currently working on a line of greeting cards and wrapping.  I am thrilled about that. Check out her cards at Art Angels .

Not so bad

I have to say it ain't so bad eating low glycemic when your food is
just so colorful and pretty. Yum!

Janis Ian is very Pretty!

I heard this song on my way up to Mammoth a few weeks ago and I just can't get over it.  At first it was funny cause it was so sad but then as I listened to it more I got closer and closer to crying.  After just watching this sweet sweet girl, Janis Ian, perform the song I just want to die. I want to go back in time and swoop her up into my arms and hold her so tight and tell her "you are the prettiest girl! No matter where you are, you are the prettiest girl!"
Please watch and enjoy and maybe ache a little.

Girl Crush- Pearl Lowe

How absolutely fantastic is Pearl Lowe.  I love her dark sexy style. Her model daughter, Daisy, ain't so bad either.  I seem to be on this transition of style.  I want more mystery. More dark intrigue. Pearl Lowe is a nice visual inspiration.  I also have always fantasized about have this really cool rock'n'roll family life - when ever I have a family of my own.  I probably would not describe myself as rock'n'roll normally but in my mind, once there are babies around, I dream that I would be just so f-ing cool in my designer pumps, tattered vintage dresses with my cigarette dangling from my lip, a glass of Malbec gracefully swishing in one hand and my sweet baby "Ulysses" in the other.  Again, this is a dream/fantasy.  I will not be smoking at all with babies around.  I am thinking about getting Pearl Lowe's book "All That Glitters" in hopes of living out a far more dangerous life in my mind than in my reality.  And I may try my hand at the whole black eye liner thing - beyond cat eyes.

I love this day

There is nothing better than opening that mail box and getting a magazine. (well, maybe getting a check ...) Anyway, today I opened it up and had 4 magazine's.  So exciting!!!
thank god for the small things, huh?

Tim Walker is a dream come true

I want Tim Walker's book of Pictures.  They are absolute dreams come true.  So fun and fantastic.  Who would not want to be one of his models. My fingers are crossed that my everyday will look more and more like one of his photos.

Time for a change?

I have been sporting the bleach blonde bob for almost two years now - that is kind of a big deal for me as I used to change it up every few months - so, I am thinking it may be time for a change.  There is one color that just keeps popping out to me; shiny orange red.  My issue is that I can not figure out if it is the color that I like or the long soft wavy texture of the hair these pretty ladies have.  I also wonder if my complexion is just too red for me to be a red head.  And, the last thing is, I don't want to match too much with my clothes. Crap, one other thing - it took me a while to find a lipstick I could wear and enjoy and it turns out that color is very very red. If I have red hair does that mean I can't wear my red red lipstick with my red red skin tone and my red, just red, cardigan?
Oh the dilemmas of my life.

Photos that move you

I am feeling so much love and inspiration for photographer, Dorthe Alstrup.  Every shot makes me want to write a short story to match it.  I adore things that make me want to create more.

***That would be a really cool writing exercise.  Put a bunch of images into a pile or hat or shuffle them into a deck and pull one.  Then take ten minutes to write, with out stopping, a short stories inspired by your image.  
Hello next years christmas present to everyone I know.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lesson Learned!

Yesterday was a great day!  I started my blog and was immediately obsessed with it and because of working on my own posts I did not have a chance to check out all the other blogs that I love.  So, today before I take off for errands I figured I would hit a few.  Bklynbride was first and low and behold there was my NELLE competition inspiration board with the caption -

I jumped and screamed and ran around the house! and I was very very aware of my lesson:
Don't sit on your ass waiting for things to happen for you. Make them happen yourself.

Who doesn't love a little recognition.
This morning I woke up to this article on Activate* :
It put me in a bit of hysterics.  I am all for embracing change and the wave of the future, but I stop cheering "Change" when that means no more printed book or magazines. Now, granted I understand that is is not a voluntary change this is a result of recession, it's just that I love holding books. I love just  having them around me in stacks.  I love to highlight through out them so that if a stranger were to pick it up and peruse they might learn a little bit about me. Potsch reminds that the same happened with records. And now look - they are all the rage again. It's just the thought of curling up in a comfy chair with a warm blanket to scroll through your kindle does not sound pleasant to me.
On the positive side think of how many trees we will save...I think that is the only positive.
Am I alone in this? Is there a better way to see it?  Please tell me what you think?

Kitzies are magic!!!

Potsch and I had this brilliant idea for modern cat (or as we call them "Kitzies") furniture.  But life gets going and it fell into our pile of brilliance not yet made. And your card board demo stands until it is scattered in shreds around your apt.
then I find this - AMAZING!!!
It is like modern mid-century living for your kitzies.  Nice digs!


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