Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide #3

Get Active! I am a big fan of getting gifts that teach me something. So today's gift guide will be focused on just that - A new skill!

first up - The Artful Winemaker
Make and bottle your own vintage. Looks fun and easy. And After making the first bottle I know I would start getting a bit inventive. A perfect gift for the foodie in your circle.

Be sure to get a set of bottle too!

Second - special for the ladies or budding Drag Queen is The BirchBox - A monthly delivery of 4-5 luxe beauty samples from some of the top brands in beauty. A fun way to try new products and styles with out having buyers remorse. $10 a month or $110 for the year.
They have beauty tutorials on their website too!
Third - Learn to be sew cool with a Sewing class from Common Thread in South Pasadena. I was not lucky enough to have a Home Ec class in high school, though I am sure I would not have wanted to go then if I did. But NOW - I would be early and sit front and center with all my homework and extra credit done! Common Thread is an adorable sewing school and shop. Fun creative people like you teaching you fun creative things that will make over spending at the holidays a thing of the past. Mom would always rather have a gift you made.

Fourth - Check out your local college. Extension school is a great thing! You can always pick up a new skill and give yourself that great feeling of pride and accomplishment. That more a gift for you.

Happy Holidays! xoxoxox

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