Thursday, May 12, 2011

No go but nice anyway

No ipad 2 for me today. Boooo but my technology thirst continues.
Tomorrow I'll be up bright and early all over again! No more second in
line. I'll be first or bust. Ha. Kind of gross being a gadget hunter.
I know there are people in the world surrounded by floods and worse.
Sometimes my consumerism makes me feel so gross but then I feel like
this is the life I have made for myself. It could all be swept away in
a minute. So, why not enjoy and smile at every chance I get? Tht is
why were here, I believe. To be happy and find joy. This does not make
me selfish. I read on pintrest the other day something about "the best
revenge is being happy and enjoying your life. People hate happy
people. " this thought though true for some made me sad. When I am in
a shitty mood if I see someone else smile I can't help but smile back.
I love happy people. It gives me something to look up to and aspire to
be. If people are sad and complaining and forgetting all they have to
happy about then what is the point? Who'd want to stick aroud on this
earth for too long? All this I to make me feel better about wanting
and working hard to spend $1000 on a toy that has the ability to
disconnect me from the world in front of me and also connect me with
the rest of the entire world including you. Get and give such is life.

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