Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Checking it off

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Besides for Potsch getting sick and then me getting sick and then Potsch getting sick again and having my Father and Step mom in town from China for two weeks it has been a mad house. I have wedding as a full time job right now which in many ways is making me stress about not having any other work as a full time job. But I figure until normal work picks up I should get as much wedding done as I can so I don't get screwed later.

I find I have a pretty good work ethic. Once I have something as a JOB - I don't stop until it is done. My current career? Wedding Planner. And i'll tell ya, I think I deserve a raise.

In the past two weeks Potsch and I have got our wedding rings, completed his outfit sans shoes, signed a wedding DJ, made a wedding website, bought my wedding shoes, sent out our Save the Dates and best of all...Of course I can not tell you or show you anything here because my future husband does frequent these pages. But I will tell you that I had given up on my "Say Yes To The Dress" moment only to have it sneak up on me in the dressing room with the wonderful sales girl at La Soie, Angela, and my mom standing by. It is not a dress I ever expected but boy oh boy does it make me feel beautiful. I can not wait to meet Potsch on the aisle in this get up.

But I will show you our Save The Dates! I am proud to say that I designed these 4x6 postcards based around one of our engagement shots from the genius Kelty of Steep Street.

Now, I am on to the rest of the list. Time to hit downtown and start negotiating fabric prices. Also on the list is gathering of the bridesmaids and centerpiece debate: to have or not to have?


Anonymous said...

i'm giddy with excitement! how wonderful! you are going to look exquisite.

mw said...

yea! can't wait to save that date!!
adorable postcard.

Teenie said...

LOVE love <3 the new website!!! Cant WAIT to see the dress... <3

The Broke-Ass Bride said...

Oh my oh my! Who's the dj?!? Where'd you find Potsch's outfit? I LOVE THE STD card. You are awesome.

Kerry said...

Congratulations! We have the same wedding day so I just wanted to show some love to another 10/10/10 girl!


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