Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Worth the Risk?

Ever since I saw and posted about that gorgeous Punk Bride I can not stop thinking about her. I love how simple her gown was and I really thought it showcased her personal style so well. I mean, she is covered in colorful tattoos. Anything else but her elegant white strapless dress would have been over kill. So I did some searching and I happened to find what I believe to be her exact dress. I found it on the David's Bridal website of all places. The dress is on sale for only $249!!!! I mean come on! But here is the hitch - it is an online exclusive not available in stores. So what now? I have not even tried on a single wedding dress. I don't even know if I look better in white or Ivory. I also am not covered in tattoos. The few I have definite don't come any where close to being as colorful and bedazzled as our Punk Bride. Would a simple plain dress look good on simple plain me? I am so tempted to just go for it. I find that I can spend so much time on stuff but all of a sudden I get to a point where none of it matters anymore and I just go. It is not a bad thing. I find it to be an efficient thing. No more talking. No more analyzing every single possibility. Just action. Just go.
I think the best thing for me to do at this point is to try on something anywhere. It doesn't matter if it is at David's Bridal or Klienfeld's. Just grab some white and throw it on. And then I will know if I look better in white or ivory and maybe I look the best in bright blue.
ah, but there is something so tasty about ordering online, getting a package and being done. Is that crazy?


Teenie said...

Is there a return policy? Do they have the dress in both ivory and white? No matter what you decide... I still think all us girls should go with ya to try some dresses on =) Maybe before you order online, so at least you know what color to get. Then go for it!!!

looselyscripted.blogpost.com said...

Just an FYI - I went to David Bridal and some of the dresses were cute but some are poorly made. Make sure you can return it if you need to!!!!


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