Friday, March 4, 2011

Pretend almost kid - Baby Bumpin' version

Melissa and her first baby, Everly

I am not pregnant yet (though trying is quite fun) but that doesn't stop me from tooling around the baby blogs. Dear Baby has to be my favorite. From her cloth diapering thoughts to home birthing ideals to her fantastic adorable and always brilliant baby bump style - She is baby bumpin' fo realz and I like pretending I am her in my mind.

My plan is to copy all her looks when I have a bump of my own. But let's not fool any one I would strap a belt under my boobs and over my belly now if people wouldn't make fun of me.

Check out Dear Baby for great posts and great fashion and one of the coolest hippest family around.

1 comment:

~ Hannah ~ said...

What a hot mamma! Quite the inspiration, I agree. =)


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