Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy busy and yet lazy lazy

I am done with work now. No more weddings this year. No travel planned. Just at home getting ready for baby and the holidays. Sounds so perfect. Sounds like a dream come true. Only thing is I am stuck in that chilly weather no motivation to even shower mode. I also think of this time as my early 20's.
I am getting stuff done at home and prepping to get our nursery all set up. Today Potsch and I are heading to check out paint chips! It would be amazing to have paint from Farrow & Ball. What a way to start my kid off! With gorgeous high class color surrounding her. But that may be for a different time in a different house. Today will check out some more budget friendly options.
This is my nursery inspiration. How gorgeous is this tweed?! from here.

I will also be cooking up a storm! Not for Thankgiving even but for my friends who just had their first baby on Monday. I will be bombarding them with deliciousness to help them stay full and healthy while they spend every waking moment staring at this miracle they made. I'll be sure and take some photos and maybe give you a couple recipes?

This is a sort of random update post. I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you.

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