Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hucklebones. I can see clearly now.

Everyday I spend a little to a lot of time dreaming about my little girl. Who will she be? What will she dream about? And lots of times, what will she wear?
I was a very lucky girl growing up. Of course I did not know to what extent until I was faced with making my choices. Now as I dream and shop for my someday baby girl I remember my mom dressing me in fashions from France and the hottest trends she had read about in Vogue. I had edgy cool hair cuts all because of her. She taught me to play with my clothes and be inventive. She would design and sew my halloween costumes from scratch from Marilyn Monroe to a fuzzy Ewok. My love for clothes, textures, styles and trends all come from her. So, you can see I have a lot to pass on to this little girl and yet at the same time be just as patient as my mom was with me when this little girl has her own inventions and isn't interested in mine.

But until she can dress herself I may just be dressing her in Hucklebones from London.

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Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Well, there goes my mascara. That was TOO deliciously sweet to read.


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