Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cocktail Attire

A friend of mine from high school is getting married this September 4th in Aspen! Not only is it a destination wedding but it also calls for cocktail attire. This friend is basically the opposite of me. She has always been absolutely stunning with seemingly little effort. Flawless skin. Radiant hair. Hot body. And totally totally smart. I am over the moon to go to her wedding but I ain't gonna lie it is sending me into a bit of a insecure melt down. Cocktail Attire?! There is not a single thing in my closet that I would consider cocktail attire and cool. See the trick here is that all my high school girls will be there. These girls are all beautiful and super cool in all categories. They always have the hippest get-ups with high high heels and fully accessorized. I wear cowboy boots everyday. Well, I am not one to settle and just throw in the towel of defeat. This cocktail Challenge has been accepted! I see your sparkly top with this...
I have been eying this dress for about a year over at ModCloth. Pair with some hour later...I made this on Polyvore. How could I not?


TEENIE said...

I just saw your Polyvore comment =P Hehe... I LOVE your cocktail outfit!

mw said...

i love your cowboy boots... you should rock them. just like you can't 'figure out' shorts, i can't 'figure out' boots..... we all got our things. :)
kelly green... so hot right now.

mw said...

so crazy. you literally wore this exact outfit.
i'm realizing..... you make an 'inspiration board' for EVERYTHING, don't you?
don't lie.... you do. i love it.


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