Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Count Down - 2 months!!!

AHHHHH!!!!!! I have exactly 2 months from today until my wedding!!! Crazy!!!
Just like us - we have added another project to our ever expanding DIY wedding.
Envelope Liners.
Having envelope liners is a totally luxury. It was one of those ideas that I loved but knew that it would be the first to go when the crush of time boar its teeth in us. Well, thanks to a move that caused me to part with my massive library of art and photo magazines and plenty of free time at work - I made it happen!!!

You can too! I found these great stencils at Paper Source for only $10.95. There is a template for just about any size envelope. Awesome! Having the stencils means you can custom any envelope with just about ANYTHING!!! So much fun.
Instead of buying more paper just to cut it up I became a little more earth friendly and recycled pages from my well read magazines. Now every guest will have their very own surprise just for them.
Some of these will be hard to part with. I got a bit addicted to the giggle I got upon opening these envelopes.

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Hi-Fi Weddings said...

LOVE THAT IDEA! you're a rad one :)


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