Thursday, August 19, 2010

Music to swoon to

I am in crazy wedding head mode now 100%. Every waking and sleeping breathe I take is in the name of 10-10-10 wedding.
Among many tasks on my list today is selecting and finalizing music. I love this part but it is a little hard to do while at work. Have you ever just sat listing to love songs and thought about your partner? Oh the tears that stream. My office mates must think me insane. Ha! I do love a good cry though.

Here are some lovely tunes to swoon to:

this one is great for a cry because it also come with an abridge version of Cold Mountain.

this one grows on you

I always think of this as my parents song. I love watching them dance and gaze at each other to this song. so sweet.

Talk about a big instant cry!!!! In my dream I would sing this to Potsch at our reception but I can even get through it with out crying now.

This song is intense and honest. Maybe not a wedding song or maybe yes? I know a few relationships like this.

I am usually a Jeff Buckley purest but this cover is just lovely and romantic.

I am sure I will have more to share but let's start with this.


Hi-Fi Weddings said...

hellz ya! way to tackle that music list! can't wait to see the final list!


Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

CLint Black's Something that We Do!! Now you made me tear up - I wanna dance and gaze.


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