Tuesday, September 7, 2010

34 days

Holy Crap! 34 days. My mind is in a tissy making list and trying my hardest to cross things off. It seems every time one thing gets crossed off two more things get added. Potsch and I made a list of what still needs to be done and it turned out to be three pages long!!!

1. Flags glued and screened
2. Centerpieces - garden store grocery list and construct with Bridesmaids
3. Votives and Glasses
4. Trays for condiments - Wood disks?
5. Napkins - handmade and screened with design
6. Design logo for napkins
7. Groomsmen gifts - Packed and printed with touching card
8. Bridesmaid mothpops - (I'll explain later)
9. Signs for just about everything
10. Arts & Craft Project for Guest - design, print and get markers
11. Gift Bags for out of towners
12. Music for every moment on a disc for our DJ... I wish I could just have Hi-Fi Weddings do this
13. Find a new Hair Dresser! What?! Yes!
13. I'll stop here...I am hyperventilating...the list keeps going....

Can we get this done? Can we do it with style and panache? Can we do this and have an amazing time at our wedding?


Kate DiRienzo said...

I just thought I would remind you that I am afraid of bugs...just in case you forgot...I flail about...moths included

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...


jenny said...

hey, khali . . . my name is jenny. i'm one half of another couple that kelty is photographing. as a matter of fact, we're getting married the day before you in chicago!

anyway, i just wanted to finally let you know that i've been stalking your blog for . . . well, ever since i saw your engagement photos posted on kelty's blog, and i totally dig your style and everything. but i've finally decided to come outta the woodwork for this because HOLY CRAP our wedding is the day before yours, and we are similarly freaking out.

si se puede, though, we got this! good luck! can't wait to see your wedding.

Sam said...

Oh Khali it's going to be amazing! Keep going girl!

The Broke-Ass Bride said...

Omg - I can't wait to see it all come together! Holy crap. Can I help at all?

I have a fly-ass hairdresser. I do! Let me know if you want her info.

Hi-Fi Weddings said...

shoo gurl you just let me know if you need help and i'll do the best i can :)



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