Friday, April 8, 2011

I want all of All Saints

Today I was turnd onto All Saints. I then turned my friend onto All Saints and for the rest of the day we have been frantically emailing back and forth about all the gorgeous items we want. They have me covered from day to day wear to weddings and cocktail parties. I want it All!
It all started with these booties. Yes, they are on the expensive side at $250 but when you have been dreaming of something for so long a couple extra bucks ain't too bad. Right?

Then came the rest of the site. I die!

I am trying to get my friend to get this dress. So rad! So sexy!

I love these flowy tanks. Also sexy. Also perfect for traveling to hot areas like Thailand.

The weather may not be perfect for this get up but this get up is perfect for me. Sexy melancholy pioneer look has always rocked my world.

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