Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I want Mara. I need Mara. Give me Mara.

I have Thailand on my brian at all times right now. Potsch and I are planning our Honeymoon finally and you know what that means - Honeymoon Wardrobe! And Thailand resort beachy clothes at that! I am so excited. Not to mention I have lost 20lbs and and still working at more. Yay! For the first time ever I am so excited to wear a bathing suit!!!!
Ok so all this means I am patrolling the online abyss of fashion. Today I found Mara Hoffman and I fell in love. I love her style, energy, color, culture, sense of play, cuteness and sexy foxiness. I want all her clothes and bathing costumes and I want to live on the beaches of Thailand for at least a year. Who's with me?!

I think I would dress like this every day. Love the jacket and dress and hat and shoes. perfect.

I saw this and felt it in Anthropologie the other night. It was absolutely exquisite.

How rad would this little jump suit be traveling around Thailand. You might have a dirty bottom from the water taxi's but it may just be worth it.

Who doesn't love the sexy hippie look?

Jump suits! They are soooooo back in!


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