Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretend kid - baby model

It has come to my attention that I am lacking in the pretend kid Boy versions. This is not because I do not want a boy but because I am so in love with my little brothers that no little boys in all the world can compare to their adorableness power. I will have to scan in a few shots of Tommy and Buster some time for you. But trust me - I know it's cause they are my family - but they are not only sweet little boys they have also grown into hot young men. Yes, that sounds creepy but I lie not.
So, point of post, Pretend Boy Kids! Here are a lovely bunch that I find pretend worthy. All from the lovely french webmag Milk Magazine.

I am obsessed with this tiny little shot caller. He is on the cell phone! In White Shorts! killing me
I know my kids will so used to having a camera in their face that they will probably become celebrities cause they are used to the Paparazzi flashes.

I mean is it a surprise that this boy is french? It would make sense that he would be mine since as I have told you before my mom was obsessed with making me her little french girl. So, yes. This would be my little french son.
How freakin' adorable is this little fashionista boy. Already a heart breaker. here.

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