Friday, July 1, 2011

Week in the Elevator

First of thank you to all the kind comments on last weeks WitE. I was reminded that life is all about perspective. So, put on a happy face and the world will smile with you.
Last weekend I did a big clean out of my closet and am now down to a few choice pieces and a couple I just can't let go of yet. I had some fun this week playing around with the clothes I have left and am having even more fun thinking about the clothes I need to get. I also rediscovered some great shoes and hope I can start incorporating them into my work wear.
So here we go...

I get a lot of compliments on this dress. Some times I don't want to tell people I got it from Target but then I always do. I loved pairing it with my thin black belt and Cardigan. And the sandals are my rediscover!!! I bought these last year and haven't seen them for a while under the mess and disorganization. But that is all in the past as I walk into my future with style.

Originally I had a new vintage red belt on with this outfit. I was so excited to share it with you but something was feeling off. Potsch told me maybe I had too many primary colors on. He hit the nail on the head! I looked a little to much like a cartoon super hero. Not the look I was in the mood for on Tuesday. So I ditched the belt and ended up with a nice summery outfit that reminded me of how lovely and sunny outside was even though I was stuck in the office all day.

I modeled this look after Rachel Zoe. I loved it. I felt cool and comfy and ready for anything. Even sitting at a desk all day. Ha. I even wore a bunch of bracelets AND a necklace. My accessorizing abilities are really being stretched to their limit these days. Which is good cause they definitely need a work out.

I love my vintage leopard print jacket. It is about 5 sizes too big for me now but I pinned it in a few spots and strutted around anyway. It may need to have a trip to the tailor. Thursday was my pattern remix day. I loved the mix of the leopard with the purple floral summer dress (Same design as the Monday dress and also from Target). You can't see it in this sassy shot but I am sporting my heart as well. Love that heart!

Keeping it simple with a little stripey punch.
Jacket from Anthropologie. Skinny back jeans from Torrid. My rediscover sandals from Ross. Seafoam silky tank from Target.


mw said...

wow sexy monday!
i'm into the pattern on pattern - i've been trying to rock more juxtaposing patterns as well! wondering why the jacket didn't make it to the german class at the adam's family house. looks like a gang busters combo.

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

...and I'm loving Wednesday. I wish I could rock a hat like that. It looks so cool (as in comfy and loose and summery) and cool (as in yeah, cool :D )


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