Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nothing like a strong sexy woman's POV

Kim Reynold's is a trail blazer. She is a strong sexy woman and she is far from scared to show it. She can be intimidating to men with her straight forward aggressive goal getting sexy female stories. Kim is definitely not afraid to flip the script. I say it is about time women stop pretending all they want is a sweet night of hand holding and snuggles. Sometimes we want to be pushed against a wall and sometimes we want to do the pushing. Thanks to Kim (aka: Easy Lover), we have been given a strong and hysterical voice. Read her stories on The Games of Dating.
here is a sweet taste.

"So, we hop in the whip, which in this case was my sick ass Jetta GLS, and go to the Roadrunner, a river-front bar that serves a 60oz. drink called the Roadraper. What’s better than a drink with the word rape in it? Nothing, that’s what. Who needs roofies when you’ve got the Raper? Gotta admire things that get right to the point. Unfortunately, this little gem of an establishment was also dead. Our options were either Willie Nelson’s toothless grinning twin at the bar or Dom Delius’s chunkier cousin who was staring from two tables down. I’d fuck just about any man: fat, short, tall, skinny, bald, dreaded, hairy and horny but I couldn’t get a hard on for either of these trailer treasures. After about an hour of being somewhere between bored and bored we bone the fuck out. My sister keeps a death grip on her Roadraper refusing to part with it. See, chicks dig it."

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