Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Update! Oh the nightmares

It has started. The dreaded wedding nightmares. What makes it all worse is that we are in the dead of summer in Pasadena on the second floor with no AC and a fan that doesn't do much but blow hot air. If I am not waking up from swimming in a pool of sweat then it is from my wedding nightmares.
These fantasy wedding catastrophes have me clenching my jaw through sleep so hard that I had to have an emergency root canal last Monday. No Joke! Is it all worth it? God, I hope so!
The main focus in these foggy tales have been our invitations and me having never sent them out which results in no one showing up. My stomach is turning just typing about it. To make matters a touch worse I can't find my wedding binder anywhere. I am trying to breathe through it but really I am prepping for a massive migraine.
My weak remedy: To consciously dream about facials and massages.

Hopefully, whatever does happen on our real wedding day will make us laugh years later.

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Teenie said...

Oh Khali kat!! Sorry to hear about Mon's emergency =( Welp! It's over and done with now!! Think yoga, ice cold lemonade, mani pedi's with me this sat... yeh! Come over to the west side and enjoy some of the cooler air =) Also, if you have youtube on yer phone... look up guided meditations. Some of them are pretty good and always help me sleep like a baby when Im in the stress zone!! XoXo


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