Thursday, July 22, 2010

RIP -Dr. Marc Abrams

photo: Calethia DeConto

Many a Silver Lake moment have I gazed upon the tawny visage of the Silver Lake Walker. No more. So sad. May he walk in heaven.

"Crazy? No. Obsessive compulsive? Sure seems that way, but when we ask Abrams about his relentless stomping of the streets (he’s been doing it since he moved here in the ’80s, though the route’s length and regularity has evolved in the past few years), he says, “It’s not an obsession, it’s a routine.” A routine that includes his epic 20-mile route around the Silver Lake reservoir, up Griffith Park Boulevard, down Sunset Boulevard to Silver Lake Boulevard, and back around again twice — plus 2 miles in his lap pool at home in the S.L. hills, and 4,000 push-ups every day. A routine that includes an extra 15 miles at night on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. A routine that he never breaks no matter what the circumstance or weather. A routine that would probably poop Lance Armstrong....“I do it to stay in shape,” he says. “There’s nothing deeper about it. I just walk for the exercise, for the sun, to see my friends, to catch up, to get my newspapers read.'" from here

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mw said...

WHAT?! he DIED?! holy cow that's sad. he's painted in murals and everything. this is like MJ passing, in a local kinda way. (without the barrage of clothing auctions or recaps of all 100 of his hit singles, or his own post mortem film.) but seriously ... this is sad. he looked so healthy.


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