Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You've got Vintage Mail

Potsch and I are getting closer and closer to our big wedding day. I will be sending our invites off to be printed this week which has got me thinking about envelopes and postage. You spend so much time designing and picking the invite you really can't just stop there. The whole package is a package. You are delivering a wedding experience. Have some fun with it!
Maybe you pick a plain brown craft paper envelope and then you can spice it up with a bold bright colorful pen and pretty hand written addresses. A trend I really enjoy is the vintage stamp. Verde Studio has a lovely collection.

how can i not love these kitty stamps!

This trend can be a beautiful touch and it can also be a time consuming searching project. I have the idea to blend the vintage with the modern. Grab those vintage images you love so much and then have your own stamps made with them. Cost is probably comparable but the time saved will be a god send as you get closer and closer and need every extra minute you can grab. Zazzle is a wiz at custom stamps.

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