Monday, November 1, 2010

Making a plan so we can throw it away

Potsch and I have started looking into our epic honeymoon idea. Since we have not done a lot of traveling in our time together we figured Now is time. Before we have kids we want to feel we have seen, at least some of, the world. Our dream is to travel with our kids too but we need to know what traveling at all is, first.
Our Plan - 1 month total to see Thailand, Cambodia, Loas, Angor Wat, Paris, Ireland and maybe Italy. Hahaha writing it out blows my mind. Is it even possible to cover that much ground? I have never been back packing. It has always looked cool but scared the shite out of me. This may be our last chance for an experience like that. Exciting!

If you have any advice on planning a trip or know any great places to stay, eat or play - Please please let me know.


mw said...

Railay Bay, Thailand... would go there again in a SECOND. Angkor Wat... A M A Z I N G. and hot -- let's talk on places to stay and what to pack!!! seriously... thailand is it. i love it there. you'll love it there.

Anonymous said...

if i could offer a tiny bit of advice it would be don't try to squeeze too much into your time frame. you will spend more time on boats and planes and trains than you will in the actual places you want to be. maybe just do a europe trip in one month, and save asia for an anniversary trip. if you plan only 1 or 2 days in paris, you will be wishing you had saved 4 or 5 days! boyfriend and i have traveled europe, we are in south america now, and planning asia for next year. (also trying to do this before we want kids!) good luck to you <3


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