Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Gift guide 2010 #1

Since Potsch and I are planning to go on our Honeymoon this coming Feb 2011 we need to be very focused and creative with our gift giving. I have a feeling we aren't the only one out there who will keeping the holidays small and yet super full of warmth and style.

I may have to get an iphone 4 just so I can cover it with brilliant Leica Skin $13 +s/h.

How about this sweet little handy gadget for the photographer at home and on the go: Photographers Rights and Grey Card set $15 + s/h.

Sticking with the photo theme here is a great way to update the locket idea. A little more expensive but the smile the gift getter will give will last a life time. Photo Charm Necklaces $140-$180.

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