Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Could weddings be my business

I have had a hard time talking about my wedding here cause I still can't believ it is over. So much time planing and designing and loving it. Weddings and everything about them have become my drug now. Luckily I have two sets of newly engaged/soon to be committed friends.

One is Nicole and Callard aka NiCal. Adore these gorgeous souls! They are choosing to commit them selves to each other for their lifetimes and beyond. How incredibly special is that?!

I have already started making inspiration boards for her celebration style. I just can't help it!

And second are my stunning pals Teenz and Nick. Nick got down on one knee at the top of Temescal Gateway Park. That's where Potsch and I got married!!! Teenz is so excited. She has been up till 4am every night scouring the wedding blogs. I know how that goes.

Congrats, my beautiful girls and your men!!! SO exciting!!!

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TEENIE said...

Heheh!!! YAY! WE are so excited too... can't wait to share my ideas with you =) Xoxox


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