Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Falling For You

Here it is!!! Here it is!!! You have been waiting so patiently and it has paid off.
This is the Film Potsch and I made the weekend before our wedding to debut at our reception. We are so proud. Hope you enjoy it!

Falling For You from Khali & Potsch on Vimeo.


Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

AMAZING!!!! absolutely wonderfully amazing!

KD said...

adorable! I am so glad you posted it b/c I never got to see the beginning!!

mw said...

so rad

Samantha said...

Oh Khali you are just the cutest! I want to eat you up! Oh it's so sweet! I love it! Love it! LOVE IT!

katie jo said...

I am dying over the video! It is amazing!

Your Pretend Dad said...

Absolutely mind-blowingly brilliant. And how cute do you look?


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