Friday, January 28, 2011

I feel an Obsession coming on

I bought these shoes from Torrid the other day. Total impulse buy. Not even a style I have been drawn to and yet some how hanging there in the store my heart was grabbed. I zipped them on and have been wearing them ever since. (almost)
They have brought about this cool sexy feeling that I have been needing to feel for quite sometime. I am already a tall drink of water and with these on I am a water tower and I love it!
So now I find myself on the search for more.

How about all of these?
These red ones may have to get bought. I love the mix of texture and rich color. I am drooling on my keyboard.

1 comment:

Me! said...

I love the ones you picked up at Torrid - I have been drawn to this style also, but I'm afraid that I am not graceful enough to pull it off!


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