Friday, January 14, 2011

It's just sex

Last night was the debut of Potsch and my "Conception" painting made with Alex Esguerra as part of his "It's Just Sex" series. The title is a touch ahead of itself as of right now but that was the motivation for making it. In fact we made it on my birthday last Saturday the 8th. I usually save some of this info for other things but the art show and Alex are total Boots&Cateyes so I have to share.
Lucky for me and my slight social anxiety I was asked to photograph the event. Please note the images below may contain some nudity.This is ours on the right. It was so much fun.

Is this a celebrity? She looks so familiar but I can not figure who she is. Kind of reminds me of Emily Mortimer.

The girls can definitely be distracting but they also added to the art.

This lady rolls around and stretches all pretty in a net above everyone's head. Crazy!

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