Monday, June 28, 2010

Blurred Reality

This morning I was racing to get to work on time. I had a late night the night before and it was really taking it's toll on me by dragging me out of bed and into my car with out a shower or my face on. To make matters worse I was out of gas and could not remember when the gas light came on so I could not chance ending up on the side of the freeway.
I made a quick shameful stop at BP owned Arco to fill up. I was zoning out as my car was getting heavier with gas until a cop car pulled into the station. Suddenly I was a bit on edge. Trying hard to look normal and just "going along with my business". The Cop in the passenger seat was looking at me steadily as they parked. "Great", I thought, "He is gonna walk into the store and right by me. Just stay calm", I told my self. A very large and handsome cop with a huge white smile strolled to the AMPM with his eyes locked on me. I pretended yawn and he asked "How are you, this mornin'?" "Tired", I said with a lame fake sleepy face. The cop went into the store seemingly let down by my unattractive answer. A wave of relief swept over me," I made it. He doesn't know anything."
As I got in my car I finally listened to voices in my head. What am I talking about? I didn't do anything so what am I talking about? Then it hit me. My weekend of watching Dexter and the second season of Friday Nights Lights has now blurred my reality and I am walking around thinking that I have innocently killed someone. Maybe it is time to turn the TV off.

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mw said...

totally. :)
i saw some women eating lunch at the Americana this weekend (aka 'The Grove of Glendale') and they were for sure mistaken that their reality was really Sex and the City the Movie part II. -- no one is REALLY supposed to wear get-ups like that Miss Samantha Jones of Glendale! i blocked out what they were actually wearing, but i know it involved some oversized brimmed hats and sculptural feather dillies, not appropriate for a mall food court.


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