Thursday, June 3, 2010

The top

When you close your eyes and picture your wedding cake what do you see? Who or what is posed up top? I have seen couples go the funny route with a lovely princess kissing a crowned frog. I have seen sweet DIY birds nested in frosting. I have even seen a stunning, though creepy, Day of the Dead diorama. The couple explained how it symbolized eternal love - ironically they were annulled 4 months later. And there is always the classic vintage couple dressed in classic wedding attire looking blank faced and primed for the unknown future. So many choices. How do I decide?
The search begins now.

If these were two kitzies I would be all over that!!!! But these cocker spaniels from Stella By Star truly are soul mates.

Icon Design has this gorgeous vintage plastic couple. I love their out fits! So stylized. Elegant and simple but still so special.

Goody Devi makes these custom goth cowboy figures. I love all the colors but this doesn't really match the rest of our day.

I love this circa 80's vintage topper from Blue Eye Brown Eye for the look on the couples faces. They seem to have an inside joke which makes me giggle.

I found these big eye Ryden-esq custom toppers by Dandelion Land. They are a bit pricey but what a lovely piece of art to have through the years.

What are your thoughts? Would you do something less traditional?


Teenie said...

I love the idea of customizing your toppers... something you can keep in the wedding treasure box or on the shelf! Can't wait to see what you choose <3

Cai said...

are my favorite :)


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