Monday, June 21, 2010

Women do get weary

The beginning of a romantic relationship is always amazing. So much love and attention to detail. So much time taken to make each other feel special with well thought out displays of affection. But somewhere down the line of time the priority list seems to shift. Your loved one doesn't seem to occupy the top spot anymore. Instead they are more of a side project that you check in with once in while and throw a few crumbs at to keep 'em quiet. You still love them but you are no longer infatuated with them. Hence "the ol' ball and chain".
Instead of spending our time trying to figure why it happens I say let's figure out how to move through it and be better.

To me, as a women, I think the key lies in appreciation. According to Ehow's article, How to appreciate the woman in your life, "The best way you can show your appreciation to the woman in your life is thru your words. This is an important step not just to improve your relationship with her but also to make her feel wonderful and happy. Let her feel how beautiful she is inside and out. Women need to hear how pretty she looks. She wants to feel great always and men's words have big influence in it. Tell her what a wonderful job she is doing at home, in her career, in school, community, etc. Compliment her dress, the perfume she uses, her curves, what a wonderful cook she is, her recent accomplishment, etc. Find good parts about her that you genuinely like and be creative in letting her know why you love them. Remember to let her know also how much she means to you. Use words to encourage and support her to do the things she love."

But what do men need? Every article I find talks about how men should be greeted when they come home from their job. What if the woman is the one with job? Women should spend some time watching "the game" with their men. My man watches no game.
It would seems to me that men and women want the same thing. Respect, appreciation and love. We want these things soooo bad that we (men and women) catalog each time they don't happen rather than each time they do.
I remember hearing about Oprah telling everyone to have a gratitude journal. Everyday you were supposed to write down 5 things you were grateful for. Why not do that about your mate?
I will start:
1. He makes me laugh even through my comedy snobbery
2. His talent is a constant inspiration
3. He is a good cook without any training
4. He is a sharp dresser
5. He never gives up on us

That feels really good.

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