Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Forever and ever, amen.

I did it y'all. I have tattoo number 8. I have been talking about all the tattoos I would get since the begin of this blog and finally I put my some permanent ink where my skin was.
I grew up in a family consumed with Improvisation and Therapy. It made for a very unique childhood. I am a big talker because of this up bringing. I also know that I can handle and get through ANYTHING this world and universe throws my way because of this up bringing. So it only made sense to get "Yes, And..." in blood red across my major veins. It's in my blood. It is what makes me who I am.
"Accepting an offer is usually accompanied by adding a new offer, often building on the earlier one; this is a process improvisers refer to as "Yes, And..." and is considered the cornerstone of improvisational technique. Every new piece of information added helps the improvisers to refine their characters and progress the action of the scene."


mw said...

woo hoo!

Hannah said...

I absolutely love this and can't wait to see it accompanied by a wedding gown in October. =)

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Guess I have to Yes, and the Yes, and, yes? :D


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