Monday, June 7, 2010

Up do - Down Do - Short or long do?

Wedding hair. I am lost. I am not a big hair do at all. I just recently learned how to blow dry my hair. I have no tricks. All I can do is make it so it is not quite as frizzy and fried as it would be if I air dried it. I get my hair bleached because it gives me style with out me having to do anything else to it. So when it comes to hair on my BIG day I am having someone else do it...but how?
Some times I get so excited about having my make-up and hair done that I start imagining myself on a Bryant Park Catwalk. Big and crazy and extreme or slicked back blank face extreme. I have to remind myself that this day is not a fashion show it is a wedding. When I show up at the top of that aisle and see my Potsch I am presenting myself to him. I am showing him the best version of myself. This means that I have to have that perfect balance of wear and doing what makes me feel great and wearing and doing what he loves on me. Ofcourse, he loves what ever it is if it makes me feel great but there are some things that set his heart a flutter all on their own.
So what do I do?

This is basically my veil. A little smaller but still bubbly.
My hair is about shoulder length right now. It is the longest it has ever been since Potsch and I started dating. My friend and Hairstylist, Addy and I got super excited about this concept. I love big messy hair. We would definitely have to had a bit of fake locks to puff mine up this much. I adore this look. So much fun and drama but does this answer to the fashion runways side of me rather than the "your future wife" side? I worry that Potsch will think it is fun but it would not be his first choice. The fake hair alone will scare him a bit.I heart this look. Modern and sexy. Structured with some mess. I think this could be a great look for me. I also love the make-up. It is far more modern than I was thinking but that is not a bad thing. Who would love those lips? I am also in search of a wrap or sweater for later in the night and this color looks amazing.

Yes, I know there are a lot of photos of Drew here but come on, she has great style and she is daring and classic. She is like a cuter sweeter Madonna.
This look is nice and a little closer to typical wedding hair. It has a touch of mess which saves it for me. But it is a little plain. I do love the swoopy bangs.

My new thought is to stop growing and start cuting. Potsch said, not long ago," Do you think you will ever cute your hair short again?" It is no secret that Potsch loves my hair short. He feel in love with me when I had short hair and his mom has ALWAYS had short hair. Mom's are always the most beautiful woman you will ever know until your lady has your baby. Again, no surprise that he loves short hair.
I am in love Michelle Williams. This sweet vintage-esque bob would be nice. The make-up is also not far from what I imagined I would have. Is this too sweet?

I could just flip the bill completely and chop it all off. I love having my hair super short. No need to stress about styling cause there is nothing to style. I think this could be super adorable but I would need to hit the gym this second to have a pretty sweet jaw line to accentuate.

My last idea....This is a crazy photo but it is the closest one I could find to Potsch favorite hair cut on me. When I had my hair like this we called it the french orphan. I even had a little bit of a shae in the back. HE LOVED IT!!! My veil would look super cool with this hair too.

You tell me, what would you do? There are so many option. I want to look gorgeous and feel super stunning and sexy but I also want to make sure he gets his dream too. Of course I know that I could be in a cold goods paper bag and he would be crying but I want to be able to look back on the photos years from now and both Potsch and I can say "wow you look so gorgeous. I love your hair like that."


mw said...

this is REALLY hard. for what it's worth.... i like Drew number 1, and Michelle Williams.
weddings seem like the perfect excuse to get your hair professionally styled.... you can get it cut and styled anytime, but just REALLY styled? --- well, that's a special occassion.

Teenie said...

I agree with MW! Those were my 2 favs as well... and I think they both are "going to get my hair did" worthy =) I can see how a lil bit of fake hair could scare a man, but maybe you and your hairstylest could come up with a way so that when you take it off later in the evening after the wedding (behind close doors from you man of course) you would have some nice natural sexy waves! Or, if you decide do the Michelle W look it would fit right in with your wedding theme. Can't wait to see what you choose!! xo


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