Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Care Package Brilliance!

I love, more than life it self, care packages. Sometimes I think I moved away to Chicago to go to college at 25 just so my mom would send me care packages. She did and what was in them (though great) did not matter cause the feeling I got from getting my box of love was the greatest! Now I live about 20 minutes away from my mom and she still find ways to give me care packages - sometimes they even come in the mail.
Point is - I found Victor Sizemore and his lovely photography blog. And even better I found his Xmas care packages and personalized Grooms men infused bourbon boxes! What?!?!?! It seems I have found my care package soul mate. Victor even has gorgeous labels for everything. God organization AND creativity has got to be the sexiest combination!!

Victor makes a themed box and then personalizes it for his family and friends every xmas. I am thinking about facebooking him so i can get on the list. hehe

How kickass are these groomsmen gifts? I always find groomsmen gifts to feel so forced. I mean how many guys really carry around an engraved flask with a cigar attached? But these...Let's just say I am trying to talk Potsch into letting me wear the tux on our big day. I also think these infused bourbon boxes would be great anytime gifts. wink wink. My bithday is january 8th.
I love the drink names and that there is a cool drink recipe. The whole thing feels so prohibition.

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