Thursday, December 31, 2009

My first Gingerbread Haus

This Christmas was my first time ever making a gingerbread house. I have always wanted to make a house out of cookies. I love cookies and I love houses. Luckily my mom does all these cooking challenges and this month was to make a gingerbread house. Sweet!
So I got to spend an entire day being a little girl again. Not just any little girl but my mom's little girl. It was awesome. I thought I was just going to show up to pre-made walls and a roof, slap some frosting and dots on and call it a day after maybe 2 hours. No. Foolish me. I showed up to fresh made gingerbread dough ready to roll out and cut AFTER I design my architectural masterpiece. To be honest there was a moment when i wished my mom had just made it already but getting to start at (almost) the begining was pretty awesome. No short cuts here.
We each designed our structure. Baked and glued we sat down to dining room table covered in colorful bowls filled with all sorts of candies and edible sparkles. Martha Stewart's got nothin' on my mom. My mom is the OG Craft Master.
Our Gingerbread house day became exactly that - a day. 12 full hours. Potsch laughs that I would ever expect anything else. You see when my mom and I get together there is no such thing as time or priorities. She is my best friend, truely.
I could not dream of a better gingerbread house experience. Thanks ma.

This cool little tudor is my mom's. I love the little open door and wreath above it. and how neat is her photo? So bright and yummy.

I went for a mid-century single level family house. Ha! My favorite part, besides the tiny car in the car port is that my fancy house quickly turned white trash when my candycane car port poles were too short. I had to add little gingerbread cinder blocks to keep the roof up.

Beware of the yellow snow.

Did you do any fun holiday crafts? tell me about it.

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Teenie said...

This is awesome! Wow... you guys really went all out =P Your ma & daughter gingerbread house making time sounds like it was amazing. The yellow snow is hysterical and the photos are lovely <3


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