Monday, December 14, 2009

I have missed you and I made you this (sorta)

Hello Holiday Hobnobbers,
These Holiday times have put me into quite a spin. Besides the usual family/gift stress, this is also Potsch and My first Honey B business holiday season. We have been screening and printing and sewing like crazy! We have also been approached by a couple event planners who would like to have our Market Totes as part of their shindigs! So exciting!
We are also working a big huge (I'm not pregnant) life move and I can't wait to tell you more about it soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We are at the breaking point right now.
So in the midst of all that we still have our family and friends to love and adore with holiday gifts...which need to get shipped out.
I have never had to ship out my gifts really. Either my extended family came out to visit or I went there or I just piggy backed on my mom's shipping. I know, smooth, cheap Daughter. Well not anymore. This year everyone is staying where they are and the gifts will be coming to them. Sounds easy, I thought. Not the case. You need to be so F-ing on top of things. You need to buy all the gifts. Wrap all the gift. In our case, make most of the gifts. get all the addresses and all the boxes ready so you only have to make one trip to the Post Office. phew. We were supposed to do that Saturday. We pushed it to Monday (today) and still barely made it by the 5pm cut off.
But here is why - Though I blame Potsch for us not making it on Saturday the truth is I would have been the problem just like I turned out to be today.
You see I can't just let anything go (besides grammar and spelling). I need to have everything presentable and cool. So what did I decide to do at the last freaking minute? Design custom labels. What?! Poor Potsch stood in the door way of our office staring at me with bewilderment drenching him. "What are you doing?!" Just printing out labels, I said.

First i made stickers for the actual gift, which I was quite happy about. And then I made shipping labels. I wanted to make return address labels but Potsch put down the kibosh.

All in all, happy far. Let's just hope the packages arrive in time.

I figured why not take my moment of psycho Martha Stewart and pass it on so that I can maybe help you save yourself from going down that scary path.
I am pretty sure you can just drag and drop. If that doesn't work email me and I can send you the file. lvkm(@)

PS- you can get that font and a ton of others for free at Dafont. The one I used is called fontdinerdotcom_sparkely.

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Teenie said...

These are so cute! Luv em! Oh, and you are too =)


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