Sunday, December 20, 2009

Curves in all the right places

I am a stylish big girl. Most of the time I love it but I ain't gonna lie, some of the time it can get a bit hard. Finding trendy fashions is definitely a time consuming out of the box thinking adventure for us ladies of size. Sometimes I dream about starting a clothing / life style line for us "chubbettes" but I have a few things to get done before that happens.
I was watching "Say yes to the Dress" (marathon every fri night) and the episode was focused on plus size girls and how hard it is for them to find modern wedding dress styles to fit them. Ofcourse the episode ends with all these women finding dresses and they were all happy and that is great but I was still left with the bitter taste of "settling". I stress so much about finding a wedding dress because I don't want to have an emotional breakdown every time I fall in love with a dress just to struggle and sweat and not get it over my hips. It makes me ache just to think about it. So much so that I have yet to venture out to any wedding dress shops. Sure I have the whole day planned and Potsch even has his suit already but I might just show up in one of those African MooMoo's they randomly sell so many of at Ross.
This post is a bit of a ramble and not at all what I was meaning to say but I definitely want to get this out. I think there are plenty of ladies out there that feel like this. We are smart, stylish and edgy, with out being goth or medieval, we have a definite eye for fashion and the only thing that makes us any different from the rest is that we have a few more inches. Unless I am mistaken can't these dress makers just add a bit more fabric? When I picture my wedding day I image myself to be gorgeous and breathtaking and just as deserving of these feeling as any other woman.
I have seen some of the fashion industry embracing us Plus' a bit more. I get a huge look of shock every time I find a new Cool and Hip plus size division of a store. When I was in London a few years back all the cool shops carried their regular clothes in plus sizes. It was the first time I bought a fashion belt for myself. It felt amazing to be so trendy. Sounds lame maybe but it really was a huge turning point for me.
My last point is this - Us Ladies of size have style. We have money. We are gorgeous and very sexy. And we want to feel that way. So, retailer, give it up. It is time you stop ignoring the Power House.


Kelty said...

Totally! I think you should have your wedding dress custom made so you can have it EXACTLY how you want. I think its a lot more affordable than one would think and I don't know why anyone would want something other than a one-of-a-kind creation for their big day! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

QueenDiva said...

Reading this just affirms how much I am in love with you. I just saw you on 2 episodes of Boston Legal. And now... I want EVERYONE to know who you are. Check out my blog... I love supporting curvy Divas...


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