Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pull it in and Suck it up

I am very thankful for spanks. They have come in handy when I needed to smooth it out and sometimes when I just wasn't up for holding all in for the day. But I do wish there was something more sexy about the look of them. The idea of spanks is not new. Us ladies have been utilizing the wonders of elastic illusion for ages. the difference is that back in the day we paid a bit more attention to details. Our girdles and stirrups were not things to be ashamed of but rather to entice with. Men used to fantasize about what we had under our clothes hoping it was something lacy and tight. I believe they enjoyed the thought of what lengths we would go to to look good for them. Now, the thought of what is under there ain't much to think. When we take our clothes off, even our wedding dresses sometimes, we look like we have been wrapped in ace bandages.
I know there is gorgeous lingerie out there but it is expensive and usually serves no purpose except to get it off while you "get it on".
I want the bells and whistles of the past. Who's with me?


alishaneva said...

Here, here!! I am SO with you! This is why I haven't broken down and gotten any spanx yet!

Cori Jessy- August and After said...

That's a pretty high tech ad! I'm right with you, but then I'd also want the clothes of the past. Actually, I've always wanted that.

Hannah said...

I most certainly am! Oldies are goodies, and I like the idea of wearing cool undergarments just for YOU, not just to impress a dude. Love your posts!

mw said...

the live action / animation combo in that ad is ridiculously awesome! very very impressive for 1950.

Teenie said...

I am I am!!!


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