Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Santa by Santa Clause

Dear Santa by Santa Clause,
I have been pretty good this year and I really feel like I deserve to have my first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I asked for the Totally Turnlock Teri in Spinach last year and I did not get it. Granted I don't know if anyone got that bag because i only saw it once in person and I never found it online. So, I am not mad at you Santa I am mad at the bag makers though I am glad the bag makers did not make a ton of my Spinach Terri so I am not haunted by every fashionable lady carrying my bag that I did not get. Anyway, my point Santa is that I have made some adjustments to make what I want a little easier for you to get.
I thought that the spinach turnlock series was gone from my world completely but today in a moment of hope I went searcing and I found it!!! Sadly I did not find the Terri Bag at all. So, here is what I have come up with:
I would gladly accept the following- Totally Turnlock Faridah in Spinach

Also, Totally Turnlock Percy Cross Body in Spinach

Or Totally Turnlock Key Pouch in Spinach

And if you just feel like spinach is too racey I am giving you a more conservative and still desirable option. The Patent Sia Cross Body Bag in black

beside that,Santa, I think i am good. I will spout out about a bunch of other things i want but really you know where my heart is and always has been - with dear sweet wonderful Marc Jacobs.
So much Love and cookies,

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